Biden to hire Christopher Ray as FBI director

President Joe Biden trusts FBI Director Christopher Ray and plans to cast him as White House Press Secretary Jane Saki on Thursday.

Psaki raised some eyebrows in law enforcement and intelligence circles on Wednesday when he declined to say in a news whether Biden was trusted by Ray.

In a tweet on Thursday, Saki clarified that her response caused “an inadvertent wave” and “wanted to state very clearly” that Biden intended to keep Ray in the job.

Inspectors of the Department of Justice and other federal agencies are reviewing how the FBI, the Pentagon and other law enforcement agencies prepared for security in the US Capitol earlier this month, when rioters disrupted and disrupted the electoral counting . The FBI is leading an investigative attack.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz said last week that he would look into the threat information already available and how it was widely shared with the US Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies.

FE, who has more than six years left in his 10-year term, had no clue that Biden or his team were dissatisfied with him, a senior FBI official said on Wednesday night, “The sentiments shared have all been positive . “

However, some influential voices have been critical of the FBI’s response to the riots. David Laufman, a senior Justice Department official during the Obama administration, said the FBI had to thwart domestic terrorism, and “it is unclear whether the FBI exercised the immediate, national leadership necessary to maximize the capitol’s security.” is.”

Ray and those around him were already worried that he might be fired by former President Donald Trump, who publicly pressured him to take action on some investigations – such as announcing the investigation into Biden’s son Hunter Biden. – and then expressed disappointment that Ray had not followed his suggestions.

Hunter Biden announced in December that federal officials in Delaware were investigating his taxes, and a source familiar with the investigation said it included his business dealings in China. The US Attorney for Delaware’s office declined to comment on the investigation.

The Biden campaign also declined to comment at the time the investigation was revealed. Hunter Biden was the target of frequent attacks during the campaign from Trump and his allies, who alleged that he used his father’s influence to enrich himself through trade deals in Ukraine and China.

Those campaigns investigated the entire campaign, but no evidence was found that he or his father were involved in any wrongdoing. He pledged during the campaign that if his father held the presidency, he would not work for any foreign-owned companies.

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