Biden supported the union on the battlefield Minnesota as early voting began

Joe Biden used a speech in Minnesota’s Iron Range on Friday to rip off President Donald Trump as a “selfish” leader, with “no clue about being president”, while calling his own pro-worker Midwestern Battleground Marked early voting in the state. Close.

Biden, speaking at a carpenter training center outside Duluth, supported the accolades he had earned from labor unions, and hammered on the cultural differences between his background and Trump.

“The campaign is between Scranton and Park Avenue,” he said referring to the city of Pennsylvania where he was born and the location of the Trump-owned luxury apartment building in Manhattan.

“It’s about the time we’ve rewarded work, not money,” Biden said.

And he repeatedly disqualified the president, citing Trump’s reaction to the epidemic, and said, “I can’t think of any president who acted so selfish about his own re-election Be done. “

However, the location of the speech was more notable than its content. Biden and Trump are locked in a battle for the traditionally blue state of Minnesota, with Trump losing in 2016 by fewer than 45,000 votes. And with early voting in the state on Friday, both men flew for campaigning in the state.

Minnesota’s gap in 2020 may reduce the extent to which each candidate performs in the Iron Range, a mostly Superior area located along Lake Superior. Once home to the staunchly Democratic and strong unions, the Iron Range was a Trump stronghold in 2016 that has benefitted from their trade policy, and Trump could help Minnesota’s 10 Electoral College vote.

As a result, both candidates accelerated their campaign operations in the state in recent times.

Trump will hold a rally in Bemidji, 200 miles north of Minneapolis later on Friday and last week, Donald Trump Jr., one of the top surrogates of the Trump campaign, visited Duluth.

Minnesota, however, remains a heavy lift for prospect Trump. The ABC News / Washington Post poll of potential voters, released earlier this week, showed Biden leading Trump to 57 percent to 41 percent, while this month’s second poll conducted by The New York Times and Siena College showed Biden In Minnesota, 9 showed up among potential voters. percentage points.

Since 2006, no Republican has won statewide in Minnesota.

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