Biden says he will unveil the new COVID-19 incentive scheme next Thursday that will total in ‘trillions’

President-Elect Joe Biden during a press conference on Friday teased the new COVID-19 incentive bill for most Americans to include more checks.

During his remarks, Biden said he would hold a press conference next Thursday to formally unveil a new COVID-19 incentive scheme, which would meet Congress when he takes office later this month.

Biden praised lawmakers at passing the latest round of incentives late last month – a bill that sent most Americans $ 600 checks. However, Biden said the final round was “not enough,” referring to it as a “down payment”.

Biden later stated that his bill would total “trillions of dollars”. But he said that despite the price being higher, he said that top economists have recommended spending this year “to prevent the economy from collapsing”.

“If we don’t take action now, it will be difficult to get out of the hole later,” Biden said.

During his address on Friday, Biden again referred to a $ 2,000 incentive check for most Americans. Biden recently promised he would propose such legislation that Democrats should win control of the Senate – which was confirmed earlier this week with two victories in the Georgia Senate runoff.

However, The Washington Post reports that Biden may face a blockage within his own party.

In an interview with The Post, D.-WV, Sen. Joe Manchin said he would oppose another round of excitement should it be introduced.

“Not at all. No, people are being vaccinated, this is job number 1,” Manchin told the Post. He said, “The money we are investing now is to get us jobs and get people employed.” Will help. And I can’t tell you that sending another check is going to the person who has already received the check. “

Manchin is among the most liberal members of the Democratic Caucus. Given that Democrats only control the Senate through a tiebreak vote, Manchin would prove to be one of the most powerful senators on Capitol Hill for the next two years.


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