Biden reveals sweeping plan to deal with Kovid epidemic in US

President-Elect Joe Biden on Thursday unveiled a comprehensive plan to combat the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, conducting large-scale trials to support school reunification, creating more health care jobs and a nationwide Kovid – Invested billions in 19 vaccine campaigns.

The plan is being discussed in detail, which Biden discussed in detail Thursday night from his infection headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, in a national immunization program with states, localities, tribes, and territories, $ 20 Billion. US officials expected the pace of vaccination to be too slow, and states are blaming lack of funds and inconsistent communications from the federal government for the slow rollout.

Bideson’s administration wrote in a 19-page document about the plan, “Current vaccination efforts are not enough to quickly and equitably vaccinate the vast majority of the US population.” “We should make sure that people living on land have vaccinations.”

Here’s what Biden’s proposal would also do:

  • Invests $ 50 Billion to Expand Testing
  • Fund 100,000 new public health worker jobs
  • Identify and address emerging strains of Kovid and invest in new treatments
  • Protect vulnerable groups, health workers and promote the supply of gloves, masks and other supplies
  • Reorganize international efforts to stop Kovid
  • Provide $ 170 billion to reopen schools and universities

Biden will also create testing scales to help schools reopen safely and protect the elderly and at-risk populations with people. His administration said testing is an “important” strategy to control the spread of the virus, but additional tests are still not widely available, and the US is still not using those that effectively have is.

The presidential-election plan invests $ 50 billion in testing, provides funding for rapid testing, helps expand laboratory capacity, and helps states regularly implement protocols.

In particular, the plan includes investment in new treatments for Kovid-19. Earlier in the day, a member of Biden’s Kovid-19 advisory board, Drs. Celine Gounder said, public health officials are focusing too much on treatments such as monoclonal antibodies and Gilead Sciences’ antiviral drug deadcivir. According to US officials, monoclonal antibodies, in particular, are often lukewarm reactions from health care providers.

“We need to think about other therapies,” Gounder told the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health during a webcast, “Monoclonal antibodies may not be the solution here. “

The plan calls for creating a fund for 100,000 new health care jobs, as well as promoting the supply of vials of National Guards, as well as gloves and masks for health workers already in place.

The Biden administration plans to invest $ 30 billion in a disaster relief fund to ensure an adequate supply of protective gear. It would provide 100% federal reimbursement for critical emergency supplies for states, local governments and tribes, including the deployment of the National Guard, according to the plan outline. Biden plans to request an additional $ 10 billion to manufacture epidemic supplies.

Biden will “restore American leadership globally” and supports international health and humanitarian response efforts. It is unclear if the US will rejoin the World Health Organization after President Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the nation from the international agency next year. However, Biden has stated in the past that he intends to return to the US at WHO.

Coronovirus is rapidly spreading throughout America as the new presidential-election plan and deaths are increasing rapidly. The nation is now recording at least 245,300 new Kovid-19 cases and at least 3,360 virus-related deaths each day based on a seven-day average calculated by CNBC using data from Johns Hopkins University. The US reported a record 4,327 coronovirus fatalities on Tuesday, surpassing the nation’s daily death toll of 4,000 for the second time in just a week.

Trump’s response to the epidemic has been criticized, including the distribution of Pfizers and the Kovid-19 vaccine of ‘Moderna’.

According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of 9 am on Thursday, more than 30.6 million doses of the vaccine were delivered in the US, but just over 11.1 million shots have been administered. The number is crying out to the target of 20 million Americans being immunized by the federal government by the end of 2020 and 50 million by the end of this month.

The Trump administration on Tuesday adopted Biden’s plan most of which he held for second-round shots of Pfizer and Modern’s two-dose vaccines to withdraw.

In an effort to speed up the pace of vaccination, the Trump administration also changed the way vaccine doses are allocated to states, and the CDC expanded vaccine eligibility for everyone 65 and older, as well as comical conditions such as diabetes and heart Done with Disease.


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