Biden Releases Pentagon Review of China Strategy

WASHINGTON – President Biden has released a Pentagon review of the national security aspects of the administration’s strategy in China, as part of a broader effort by the administration to determine its approach to countering Beijing.

Biden described the effort Wednesday during his first visit as commander-in-chief to the Pentagon, where he met with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, and other top officials.

A Chinese task force will study the military’s footprint in Asia, technology, intelligence, the role of allies and partnerships, and other areas of strategy, administration officials said.

The group will work for the next several months and will be led by Austin’s senior assistant in China, Ely Ratner, a longtime Biden assistant and China specialist. The task force will include more than a dozen civilian and military officials from across the Defense Department, including policy officials and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the officials said. He is expected to give a series of recommendations to Mr. Austin in early summer, a US official said.

The idea behind the task force is to coordinate the various functions of the government, including economic, political, diplomatic and military aspects, to form a coherent policy to counter China, considered the main rival of the United States in economic, political and economic affairs. security officials said. .


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