Biden pushes to cancel Kiden XL pipeline as soon as he takes over: report

Presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenfair Insider Attack Indicates Additional FBI Screening of National Guard Troops: AP Iran Blames US Businessman on Spying Charge: Report DC, State Capitals Looks Into Some Issues, Overlooks Heavy Security Among Protests . Allegedly plans to revoke the permit for the $ 8 billion Keystone XL pipeline on its first day in office.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) First Reported A clear briefing note was received from Biden’s transition team on Sunday following the news. The “Racekind Keystone XL Pipeline Permit” allegedly appears on Biden’s list of executive functions for the first day in office.

As the outlet notes, Biden hinted months ago that he planned to cancel the pipeline, though supporters of the project were hoping he would change his mind. The project is over the US-Canada border and is supported by the Government of Canada.

“The Government of Canada continues to support the Keystone XL project and the benefits that accrue to Canada and the United States,” said Kirsten Hillman of the US in a statement.

“Not only has the project changed drastically since it was already proposed, but Canada’s production of oils has also changed significantly. GHG emissions per barrel of oil have declined 31 percent since 2000, and innovation progress continues Will keep. “

Biden’s transition team did not immediately respond when asked about the report.

In response to the report, Sen. Bernie sandersBernie Sandersbiden Tax-hike proposals face blustery road ahead by Senate Democrats for Nixing filmbuster ‘Almost Heaven, West Virginia’ – Joe Manchin and a 50-50 Senate and (I-Vt.) Wrote, “Keystone is the pipeline and has always been a disaster. I am delighted that Joe Biden will cancel the Keystone Permit on his first day in office. With all the major crises facing America, We should be. Never lose sight of the most dangerous threat facing our planet: climate change. “

The controversial project has faced numerous protests from environmentalists and Native Americans since it was first proposed more than a decade ago. In April, a district judge in Montana ruled against the pipeline and revoked an important permit.

TC Energy, the company behind the pipeline, previously sued the US government President TrumpDonald Trumpiran blames US businessman on espionage charges: Report DC, state capitals see some issues, pardon amid heavy security amid protests, apologists pay thousands of lobby presidents to Trump’s allies: NYT Korea Assumed office But the effort was abandoned after Trump was elected, The CBC noted.

A legal expert who spoke with the outlet said that if TC Energy conducted a similar lawsuit, the success would depend on whether investors decide to stay on the project.


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