Biden pushed to prevent impeachment in his agenda

This is the latest sign that with each passing day since the siege of the Capitol, people close to Biden say, he has resigned over the fact that impeachment is only one more crisis that he will inherit from the Trump presidency.

This feeling, according to those close to the incoming president, has not stopped Biden and his colleagues from trying to focus on their top personalities.

Biden has been making both calls and fielding calls from members of Congress, advisers said, with House Democrats and their advisers primarily interested in discussing Trump’s second impeachment.

This focus reflects a split between the Biden administration and Democrats arriving on Capitol Hill, many of whom lived through the siege of the Capitol and believe that it is a moral imperative that Trump be punished for inciting the rebellion needed. Advisers said veteran on Capitol Hill understands the trauma and willingness to take action, but believes the issue is not important to the majority of Americans because of their coronovirus response, a plan they slated to roll out on Thursday is.

The call for McConnell from Biden on Monday, first reported by The New York Times, underscores the length in which Biden is immersing himself in his longtime hunt: Capitol Hill. The two spoke openly about a possible impeachment trial for Trump, people familiar with the call said, as both mentioned it would be very different from the 1999 sitting trial for President Bill Clinton.

McConnell told Biden that the Senate lawmaker would have to make a rule as to whether the Senate could work on legislative business other than impeachment, people familiar with the call said, McConnell did not offer his point of view.

The following Wednesday, of course, McConnell becomes the Senate minority leader. But for the next eight days, McConnell is running the Senate program, which is why Biden reaches out to him.

This is one of many scenarios Biden and his advisers are working on as they balance competing priorities of responding to a bipartisan call to try to approve Trump and advance his agenda.

One of Biden’s advisors said of the impeachment, “He is not going to use his political capital to stand in the way, but he is not going to use a bullying pulpit to publicly advocate it. . ” “He focuses on his pro-active agenda.”

Upon starting his administration, Biden and his team initially went cold – which Biden vowed would “turn the page” on Trump – with a focus on the Republican president. As more shocking information about the attack has been revealed, the initial discussion among Biden advisors has been abandoned by the slow attempt to take an active role or manage impeachment in some way, the assistant says, because they are well aware Democrats can try to do this even deeper.

“Will destroy any hope of a party’s unity,” a Biden aide tells CNN. “It may be removed from Biden’s presidency.”

However, Biden’s focus on coronoviruses reflects a political reality for the president-elect, which one official said was fully understood by his senior staff: his first year in office was characterized by his ability to combat the virus Will be defined. The ensuing Biden administration has promised to administer 100 million coronavirus vaccines within its first 100 days and is fully aware that “whether we are successful” will be a major point of decision.

“So, when they have these calls with members,” another advisor said, “that’s what they want to talk about – the Covet Plan.”

A Biden Balancing Act

The turn of impeachment has dominated the Democratic focus in favor of Trump supporter rioters since January 6, with many top lawmakers publicly suggesting they could focus on pressing issues like coronoviruses and reprimanding Trump.

Some Democrats, such as South Carolina Reps James Selburn and Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth, suggested or expressed an openness in the House to slow the process.

“Give President-Elect Biden 100 days when he needs to close and run his agenda, and maybe we’ll send the article some time after that,” Clyb said.

Others, including Biden, have suggested that the Senate split its time, spending half of its day conducting one impeachment trial and the other confirming its nominees – a complex dance that differed between Biden and the Capitol Hill Democrats Exposes

But the urgency among Democrats and the handful of Republicans on Capitol Hill can make it difficult to pull the gambit.

Democrats promised quick steps of impeachment if 25th amendment failed

Democratic members who experienced the massive storm of the United States Capitol on January 6 consider the mass impeachment as the main cause of the recession, not only against Trump, but as an increasingly violent movement around him.

New Jersey Rape Andy Kim on Friday described his return home after less than two days of what he described as a “siege” of the Capitol, and his young son was being asked if he was alright, whether his office was “destroyed” Was it? If the “bad guys” who caught it were punished.

Kim, a close associate of the Biden team, said, “This reflected the 5-year-old questions and logic that I would have to bear the consequences of these actions.” “The results I can show my child and future generations, plus, this is not what this country is about.”

Kim said he wants Biden to run in the field and not believe impeachment and that running on the presidential-election agenda is “inconsistent.”

Kim said, “I definitely want President-Elect Biden to get off to a strong start and I don’t see how that would be necessary,” but we are also a separate and co-equal branch of government, which is just Experience an attack on us from the executive branch against the legislature, a branch of the government. This is serious. I do not want to minimize what has happened. “

Still, there are growing concerns within Biden’s orbit that any focus on impeachment may distract from the necessary “mission critical” action on the coronovirus.

A senior aide to the House Democrats who supports moving forward with impeachment said of the Biden team that “it’s clear that (Kovid’s response) is his focus,” but added that the presidential-election process has Has not demanded closure. Of course.

“If they want to end it, they can,” the House aide said. “Biden is smart enough to know, whatever her instinct, that Nancy Pelosi knows how to run the caucus better than anyone,” House aide. said. “He could very easily say, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Focus on what they can control

The Biden team is also focusing its attention on things that it can control.

On the first day of his chairmanship, Biden intends to sign a series of executive actions designed to reverse some of the actions of the Trump administration on climate change and immigration and other functions.

But the energy behind Trump’s apparent rebuke – and sending a message to those who can follow him – remains front-of-mind for many in the presidential-election party.

“If we don’t do that, if we don’t believe that the president has not taken any concrete steps to answer that this is wrong and to hold the president accountable,” Kim said it was a national security professional is. “It will destroy our democracy, which will make it easier for someone to do something like this in the future.”

The Biden transition team intensified its back pressure on Tuesday, assuring that it would receive a confirmation hearing before the opening of nominations for top national security positions in its new administration.

While the hearings of some candidates are already scheduled for next week, the hearing for Homeland Security Secretary Nominee Alejandro Mayorkas is yet to be held. Republicans control the Senate until next Wednesday, so it is up to the GOP presidents to schedule confirmation hearings before the inauguration.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, who would become the majority leader after Biden took office, confirmed the fresh urgency on Tuesday in a letter.

& # 39;  People can't wait;  Biden and colleagues push for quick confirmation of candidates citing security threats

The violent uprising in the US Capitol on 6 January showed us that we needed qualified Senate-confirmed people (not in an acting capacity) to hold key national security positions in Day One, including Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Homeland Security, State Includes secretary. Attorney General, and others, “Schumer wrote.” The economic challenges facing our country also require significant economic candidates to be confirmed and ASAP on the job. “

Biden has raised the notion of bifurcation, which could allow the Senate to conduct a impeachment test for a day, with the remaining hours devoted to its Kovid relief package and voting on confirmation. But it is not clear whether Senate MPs will approve such a scheme given the rules of impeachment.

Aides say a range of options are still being discussed as to how to proceed, but those options do not include attempts to prevent impeachment. The exact Senate timeline will not be clear until after the House votes.


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