Biden prepares campaign lawyers for election-related court battle

Including former Attorney General Eric Holder and hundreds of other lawyers preparing for a legal battle in the event of an election, the Biden campaign is quietly building a massive “election security program”.

The former vice-president’s campaign told Fox News on Monday that in the past several months he had created the largest election security program in the history of presidential elections, incorporating integrated legal, communications and political strategies to anticipate an unprecedented election Huh.

Trump campaigning for legal fight, ‘support’ of leaders during legal battle

According to the campaign, under the strategy they are being directed to vote under “exceptional circumstances” to support and vote for electoral jurisdiction, this cycle, the person in voter education and the options for mail-in voting To raise awareness of. Aggressive responses to repression activities, and strong programs to identify and counter foreign interference and misinformation from foreign or domestic sources.

The campaign said Bob Bauer has signed on full-time as a senior campaign consultant. He is on leave from the faculty of NYU Law School, and will work on the voter security program with Diem Remus, the campaign’s general counsel. Bauer served as general counsel for the Obama-Biden campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and was co-chairman of former President Obama’s presidential commission on election administration.

Remus has overseen the day-to-day legal work of the campaign, and will oversee a team of extensive lawyers to protect voters.

According to the campaign, the effort includes a national team for special litigation, whose leaders include former Solicitors General Donald Verilli and Walter Dellinger, and the law firm Perkins Coe, a team led by Mark Elias.

Those advocates will focus state-by-state on voter protection and “fair and accurate counting” in elections.

A campaign source told Fox News that they would communicate and negotiate with all stakeholders in voting rights, but Holder would take the lead in the outreach program.

The source also emphasized that while the legal program has brought in hundreds of lawyers, thousands of lawyers and volunteers are involved in their extensive voter protection program.

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. speaks during the National Action Network Convention in New York on April 3, 2019.

The steps of the Biden campaign’s legal team were first reported by The New York Times.

The TRUMP Uros send voters to count the votes polled in the election who try to vote for them bluntly.

President Trump’s reelection campaign, meanwhile, is also poised for the prospect of a protracted legal battle called the “Advocates for Trump” coalition to “protect the integrity” of the November vote.

Trump campaign general manager Matthew Morgan told Fox News earlier this month that the campaign is urging active and retired lawyers and even law students to volunteer in their nationwide efforts.

“Democrats are working to mold one state at a time into uniformity, and there is no question that they will continue their xenogin yet,” Morgan told Fox News. “The Trump campaign is fighting to ensure every valid ballot across America – once.”

He said advocates for the Trump coalition are rising “daily” and will “support the rally for President Trump as they lend their time and legal expertise to protect the integrity of the November election.”

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The coalition is headed by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, as well as California Committeeviewman Harmeet Dhillon and former Deputy White House Councilman Stephen Pasantino. The group includes prominent Trump-affiliated attorneys like former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, former Attorney General Ed Meese and the President’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Lawyers for the Trump coalition come as part of a joint Republican National Committee and Trump campaign’s “Protect the Vote” effort, which has warned for months that “Democrats legalize ballet harvesting using coronoviruses and courts, a nationwide Trying to implement the mail – in the ballot system, and abolish almost every security in our elections. ”

Between Trump’s and Biden campaigns and the integrity of the vote between his allies, the campaign’s efforts to combat war – everything from GOP warnings to Democrats’ predictions about mail-in voting covered Trump’s loss. Will refuse to accept.

Republicans, for their part, warn that the November election is likely to lead to widespread fraud and confusion due to the unprecedented scale of mail-in ballots in states across the country.

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But many high-profile Democrats continue to warn about the possibility of post-election fighting.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton urged Biden not to give up on the night of 3 November.

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