Biden plans to release almost all available Kovid-19 vaccine doses –

Biden plans to release almost all available Kovid-19 vaccine doses

WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden will seek to release nearly all available coronavirus vaccine doses to speed up delivery, his transition team said Friday in an inning from the Trump administration’s policy of holding stock for a second dose.

“The president-elect believes that we should accelerate the delivery of the vaccine to continue to Americans, which is required to get it as soon as possible,” said Mr. Biden’s transition spokesman, TJ Daklo. “He supports releasing the available dose immediately, and believes that the government should hold back the vaccine supply so that we can now get more shots into Americans’ weapons.”

Mr Ducklow said Mr Biden, who will be inaugurated on 20 January, will release additional details about his vaccine delivery plans next week. White House press secretary Jane Saki said they could establish vaccination sites run by the union, as well as mobile units that could travel to rural and ineligible areas, and for vaccine safety and guidelines. Can start a national public awareness campaign nearby.

The announcement comes as America and many other countries are struggling for vaccination programs. The Trump administration promised to vaccinate 20 million people by the end of 2020.

The administration is withdrawing about half the dose of vaccination for second shots. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the administration has dispensed 21.4 million vaccination doses from Modern Inc. and Pfizer Inc. and 5.9 million people with BioNtech SE received the first dose.


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