Biden official withdraws last-minute Trump LGBT memo

President Biden’s administration on Friday canceled a last-minute memo issued by the former President TrumpDonald Trump McCarthy says he told Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green disagrees with articles of impeachment against Biden Biden, Trudeau agrees to meet next month Trump plans to sack acting AG to reverse election results: report moreThe Justice Department sought to limit the scope of the Supreme Court’s decision on workplace discrimination against the LGBTQ community.

Greg Frail, acting chief of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, issued a memorandum Friday canceling the Trump administration’s directive in the June 2020 decision of the Supreme Court Bostock v. Clayton County. The justices said in a 6-3 decision that the country’s laws on gender discrimination in the workplace also apply to discrimination with LGBQQ individuals.

Wall Street Journal Last Sunday, the 23-page memo from the Trump Justice Department stated that the court’s decision should not extend to areas where gender-based policies on bathrooms and sports teams are relevant. The memo also indicated that employers could cite religious beliefs against LGBTQ employees as justification for discrimination.

However, Friday’s move, first Reported by POLITICO, Revoked the Trump administration’s memo, in which Frail argued the directive was disputed on Wednesday Executive Order from Biden That the federal government is committed to preventing any form of discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.

“I have determined that this memorandum is inconsistent with the EO in many respects,” Frail wrote in his Friday directive to colleagues in the Civil Rights Division, according to Politico. “It is my plan to provide the leadership of the department about issuing revised guidance that complies with the revised policy in the EO; as part of this process, we will seek input from division subject matter experts.”

Biden’s executive order, one of several actions taken on his first day in office, calls for federal government agencies to review current policies against sex discrimination to ensure they prevent discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community.

Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity and be able to live without fear, be it anyone or someone they love, “the order stated.” Adults earn a living and Must be able to pursue a business, knowing that they will not go out of the house, because they or they will not be treated unfairly by going home. ”

The order stated that, “All individuals should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Former Acting Attorney General John Doukas’ memo on Sunday, released publicly the day before Trump left office, was in favor with justice Samuel AlitoSamuel Alitolive Insulation Coverage: Biden signs executive order; The press secretary said that Barrett heard a climate case against his father’s former employer. Shell Supreme Court Rejects Christian School’s Push for COVID-19There is dissatisfaction in the Boschock case.

“We should hesitate to adopt Boscock’s argument in different texts at different times,” Duax wrote.

“Contrary to racial discrimination, the Supreme Court has never held that a decision by a religious employer to appoint gay or transgender persons ‘violates the profound and widely accepted views of primary justice’ or that the government will conduct such conduct ‘Hypnotic’ interested in elimination, memo added according to the journal.


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