Biden Michigan wins by 270 electoral votes

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Democrat Joe Biden leads Michigan and its 16 electoral votes, further demolishing the rusty belt of support for Donald Trump that helped him win the presidency four years ago.

The flip of the Red Back to Blue was a major setback for Trump, whose 2016 wins in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania sent him to the White House. Biden also drove Wisconsin, though Pennsylvania has not yet been called.

Biden’s victory in Michigan – he was one of 5.5 million performers with nearly 134,000 votes or about 2.5 percentage points on Wednesday night, pushed him to 264 electoral college votes, six of 270 needed to win the White House . Trump is on 214 electoral votes. Nevada, which has six electoral votes, is among the states won by Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 that has not been called yet.

Biden’s campaign focused specifically on excluding black voters in Detroit who failed to show Barack Obama the number of Democrats Hillary Clinton received during her two presidential bids. In the 2008 presidential election – there was a statewide high turnout, breaking the record of 5 million by at least 464,000.

Despite the need to win Michigan, Trump consistently emphasized the state’s Democratic governor, Gretchen Whitmer, the target of an alleged kidnapping plot that was thwarted by federal law enforcement. “Shut it down!” Trump’s rally toward Whitmer erupted, and he raided the governor on Twitter for his cautious approach to the coronovirus epidemic.

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“People have spoken, and with the election behind us, now is the time for our nation to come together,” Whitmer said in a statement. “We have a common enemy, and it’s COVID-19, not each other.”

Democrats were thrilled not only by Biden’s performance, but also by the reelection victory of first-term Sen. Gary Peters. They are on the verge of getting a seat in the Michigan Supreme Court – and a majority – that recently invalidated an emergency-powers law that Whitmer issued a sweeping order to curb the virus.

Chief Justice Bridget McCormack, a Democratic candidate, easily won the reunion. The Associated Press did not call the race for a second place on the court that is opening with the retirement of the Republican nominee. Democratic candidate Elizabeth Welch was leading GOP nominee Mary Kelly by about 225,000 votes, but reporting about 3% predecessor.

The Republicans who control the Rajya Sabha were ready to lose seats. But he held his 58-52 majority, a setback for first-time governors and Democrats who had no legislative power in a decade. The GOP-led Senate was not elected.

In the third congressional district in western Michigan, Republican Peter Mijer won the contest to succeed the rep. Justin Amash, was a Trump critic who left the GOP last year and later joined the Libertarian Party. Meijer defeated Democrat Hillary Sholten.


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