Biden has spoken with some GOP senators, says Chief of Staff

Presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenbrewery launched the new Biden beer, described as ‘inoffensive’ and not too bitter. Deb Hollande says that she will work as an interior secretary in the Baden State Department. In recent days, some Republican senators and Republican governors have spoken, their future White House chief said on Thursday, even defending many GOP lawmakers President TrumpDonald John Trumpstate Department Will Not Give Biden Message From Foreign Leaders: Report Arizona’s GOP AG Says People Voted Republican, But Not on Money for Trump: Biden Wins America’s Economic Engine. Pragati praised Biden’s picks for the economic transition team. During the epidemic, restaurants go seasonal with winter closures.Refused election.

“Joe Biden has spoken to Republicans. He has spoken to some Republican senators, some Republican governors,” Ron Clann told MSNBC.

Clann would not specify who Biden talked to in the GOP, but note that he still hasn’t spoken to most of the Senate leader Mitch McConnellAddison (Mich.) Michelle McConnell Adidas employment falls 8.8 percent: Pew Puerto Rico’s state-run congressional interest post-Trump supporter Robert Jeffress urges Christians to pray for presidential election. (R-Ky.).

“There will be a time and a place for Joe Biden and Senator McConnell to speak up,” Klan said. “They obviously don’t need any introduction to each other.”

Klan defended the secrecy around which Republicans have spoken with Biden, the president-elect is having “private conversations with individuals” and that the call would be elaborate “when both parties agreed to read the call Huh.”

He said the calls were a mixture of outreach from Biden to Republicans and vice versa. But the talks indicate that at least some people in the GOP are negotiating privately with Democrats as he prepares to take office, even as many Republicans publicly stand by Trump’s denial He lost the election.

While some senators, such as censors. Mitt RomneyWillard (Mitt) Mitt RomneyTrump supporter Robert Jeffress urges Christians to pray for President-elect Biden Romney serving Trump in Biden cabinet Biden shrug, away from Trump, GOP on election (R-Utah) and Susan CollinsSusan Margaret Collinswish Susan Collins wins Sullivan in Alaska, gives Trump 50 seats to Republican in Senate Biden Shrug, GOP on election (R-Maine), referring to Biden as president-elect, most Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill have defended Trump’s right to pursue legal challenges in major battlegrounds like Pennsylvania and Michigan, here Unless some of those lawsuits have been dismissed or will not apply. For enough votes to change the result.

Trump himself has made false accusations about changing the vote, and does not think he will formally accept it.

In a slight shift, several Senate Republicans called on Biden to reach an intelligence briefing after Sen. James lankfordJames Paul LankfordGop’s senator says Biden should facilitate an intelligence briefing. McConnell says he will ask Trump-backed Coronovirus to give one vote for Turkey’s sanctions for Senate senators. (R-Okla.) Said Democrats should get the briefing and if they are not doing so by Friday, they will “step in”.

As the call office of the Director of National Intelligence arrives, Biden is not negotiating with the campaign because the General Services Administration has not certified Biden as the winner.


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