Biden, Harris Releases Christmas Wishes, Calls for Continuing COVID-19 Precautions

Presidential election Joe BidenJoe Bidenjud threw the GOP lawsuit for closing the Georgia Ballot Drop Box after business hours. First responders took Ceauसेनsen with ‘Happy Birthday’, which Biden can be president for middle-class workers and all castes And the election of the Vice President Kamala HarrisKamala HarrisOssoff, Warnock named each rake over 0 million in Jake Topper ‘The King of Truth’. In 2020, the mayor of San Francisco says Harris replacement pick ‘a real shock to the African American community’ more On Friday issued Christmas greetings and called on Americans to continue practicing coronavirus safety precautions and avoid large gatherings.

“Jill and I wish you and your family peace, happiness, health and happiness this season. But we know that it has been a very difficult year for many of you in our country, and we hope that this season reminds our common humanity and what we do for each other, “Biden Said in a video on Twitter. “Many of our fellow Americans are struggling to find work, literally putting food on the table and paying their rent or their mortgage.”

“We have been reminded that we are on this earth to care for each other, to give what we can, and to be a source of help and hope for friend and stranger,” the president said.

Jill Biden, who will become the first woman next month after the inauguration of Joe Biden, said in Friday’s video that “many families are facing their first Christmas and have lost a loved one. And Joe and I end that grief. Know. And we know how, in times of sorrow, one type of word can mean so much. “

Joe Biden said his family usually hosts as many as 25 people on Christmas Eve, but they canceled the tradition this year amid the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

“We are going to miss our family, but we need to do this to keep our family safe,” he said. “We hope you will consider limiting the size of travel and family celebrations this year.”

The couple also thanked service members, front-line and essential staff, and COVID-19 vaccine researchers.

Harris said in a separate Friday video that “I know this is a very different Christmas that we are used to.” But it is still a time to greet each other, see each other and celebrate each other. ”

Harris’s husband Doug Ehmoff said his family traditionally had a brunch with the family during Christmas.

Harris said, “This is going to be a very small situation, and I think of all the families who are going to have families too, like Joe says, an empty chair at the table because of someone losing.” Thanks also to the front-line activists and members of the military service.

“We’re going to get through the moment, and we’re going to get through the moment,” Harris said.

Public health officials have called on Americans not to gather in large groups and to avoid traveling during the holiday season during a spike in COVID-19 cases in the US.


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