Biden hails democracy and reprimands Trump after electoral college victory US news

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Joe Biden reacted sharply to Donald Trump and announced that “the will of the people was strong” in a speech that came soon after the Electoral College officially confirmed his victory.

“It was time to turn the page” to test the flexibility of American democracy over the presidential election, the president-elect said, shortly after Hawaii’s final four electoral college votes were cast, clearing a milestone Was given, but Trump’s unprecedented attempt to overturn ended.

Biden ignored the presidential election and its aftermath as a triumph of American democracy and American democracy, “one of the most amazing displays of civic duty we have ever seen in our country”.

The final tally – 306 to 232 electoral votes – followed a baseless campaign by the president to reverse the results of the election that saw historic turnout despite an epidemic. Trump lost not only in the Electoral College, but also by popular vote – about 7m.

Nevertheless, for weeks, the president has faced qualitative allegations of voter fraud in the battlefield slate that led Biden to victory. His refusal to vote cast doubts on the integrity of the vote and undermined trust in the institutions of American governance.

In a speech from Wilmington, Delaware, Biden stated that “our democracy – pushed, tested, threatened – proved to be resilient, truthful and strong”.

On January 20, Biden, who would become the 46th President of the United States, was sworn in: “We voted. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now is the time to turn the page, as we have done throughout our history – to unite, to heal. “

Since Biden entered the presidential race last year, he contested as a battle of the soul of the nation. In his remarks on Monday night, Biden described his Electoral College victory as a fulfillment of that mission and a rejection of Trump.

The presidential-election called Trump’s attack on the democratic process “unprovoked” and killed Republicans who adopted his outspoken claims about widespread voter fraud. He elected 17 state attorneys general and 126 members of Congress, who he said helped legalize a legal effort to cast out tens of millions of votes in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, and hand the presidency to the candidate who lost the Electoral College gave. , Lost the popular vote and lost every single state whose votes they were trying to reverse ”. The Supreme Court dismissed the suit.

These officials, Biden said, “adopted an extreme situation that we have never seen before – a situation that refused to respect the will of the people, refused to respect the rule of law and our constitution. Refused to be respected “.

Anticipating further resistance from Trump and his allies, Biden said the president and his campaign were “not denied any course of action” and insisted that their efforts be in states with Republican governors and appointed by Republicans The judges failed with it.

“They were heard,” he said. “And they were found without merit.”

The Texas presidential election swears to cast a ballot on Monday.

The Texas presidential election swears to cast a ballot on Monday. Photo: Bob Demerich / Zuma Wire / REX / Shutterstock

Yet Trump continued to dispute the validity of the election on Monday, claiming that the result was “RIGGED” due to “massive fraud”. Twitter quickly moved the disputed “label”. With 55 California voters casting their ballots for Biden, reaching the 270-vote threshold to win the White House, Trump announced on Twitter that his attorney general, Bill Barr, was resigning, effective Dec. 23. .

After the attorney general acknowledged that his department had found no evidence of widespread voter fraud, Trump had recently lost patience with Berar, who eagerly looked at a president’s political agenda.

On the indication that Republicans were ready to accept the reality, some senators and members of Congress accepted the electoral college vote.

Republican Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said in a statement, “The gradual transfer of power is a hallmark of our democracy, and although I have supported President Trump, the Electoral College vote today makes clear that Joe Biden is now President.” ” .

After opposing his victory for weeks, Biden thanked the handful of Republican senators who accepted the Electoral College vote. Ever hopeful that a four-year deep-biased split would usher in a new era of bipartisanship, Biden said that “he was convinced that we could work together for the good of the country”.

With the election, but not the final one, he called on elected officials to do “urgent work” to combat the coronovirus epidemic. On Monday, the US death toll exceeded 300,000, the same day Americans began receiving the first shots of a vaccine against the virus.

Although the road ahead remains challenging, going beyond the divisions that remain, Biden said the electoral college vote should serve as a sign of hope for a weary nation.

He pointed to election officials – many of them volunteers – who fulfilled their duties through political pressure, threats of violence and, in some cases, the president’s own intervention. He said that his unwavering commitment to the electoral process ensured that the “flame of democracy” was not extinguished.

“He showed a deep and unwavering faith and commitment to the law,” Biden said. “They knew that the choices they made were honest and free and fair. He saw it with his own eyes and he wouldn’t mind saying something different. “


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