Biden, Georgia and the Beijing Olympics –

Biden, Georgia and the Beijing Olympics

When President Biden publicly lobbied Major League Baseball last week to pull their Georgia All-Star Game, he no doubt thought he was on the side of the angels. But now, what is he going to do about the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics?

Biden objects to Georgia’s new voting law as an “atrocity,” although it offers more avenues to vote than New York and Delaware, among other states. The president is so offended that he asked a sports league to boycott an American state, doing economic damage to the Atlanta area and essentially smearing the state legislature as a fanatic.

We can’t wait to see what the President of the United States will say about China’s voting rules. There are no lines at polling places in the Middle Kingdom because there are no polling places, there are no absentee voting controversies because there are no ballots. The country is led by a leadership cadre of the Communist Party of China, and its decisions are ratified by the National People’s Congress which meets once a year.

Perhaps Mr. Biden can compare the voting rules in Georgia with those of the re-education camps in Xinjiang province. His own secretary of state says that China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs.

He could send Rob Manfred as an emissary to investigate, as the MLB commissioner is trying to expand his league’s business in China even as he boycotts an American state. Chinese President Xi Jinping would undoubtedly let Manfred inspect the camps, and why not bring in LeBron James, a Georgia boycott enthusiast, to certify that Uighurs are cheerful in their work?


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