Biden Freezes US Arms Sales to USA, UAE

According to US officials, as reviewed by billions of dollars in arms transactions approved by former President Donald Trump, the Biden administration has imposed a temporary freeze on US arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

The review, officials said, also included the sale of precision-guided spells for Abu Dhabi to Riyadh as well as top-line F-35 fighters, which Washington approved as part of the Abraham Accord, in which Emirates Made diplomatic relations. With Israel.

US officials said it is not uncommon for the new administration to review sales of weapons approved by the predecessor, and despite the stagnation, many transactions are likely to eventually go ahead.

But in line with campaign pledges made by President Biden, Washington wants to ensure that American weapons are not used to pursue a Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, where its conflict with the Iranian-coalition Houthis results There have been thousands of civilian deaths and widespread hunger.

Officials at the Saudi and Amirite embassies in Washington did not immediately comment on the developments.


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