Biden for Keystone XL Permit on first day of President

An oil and gas lobbyist said, “The only question has always been whether Labor can abolish capital punishment,” because he was not authorized to speak to the press. “And they never had a chance.”

A Biden transition spokeswoman declined to comment.

Canadian Ambassador to Washington Kirsten Hillman would not confirm the reports. “The Government of Canada continues to support the Keystone XL project,” she said in a statement to Politico on Sunday evening. “Keystone XL fits within Canada’s climate plan. It will also contribute to US energy security and economic competitiveness.”

Resisting Keystone XL would disregard one of its first tasks in President Donald Trump’s office and kill a project that had become a political totem in a fight between climate activists and the oil industry. Despite many analysts saying that the surge in US shale oil has made Canada’s new sources of crude oil less important, TC Energy has for years faced legal challenges to obtain the necessary state permits against it That will do it all to build the pipeline.

reaction: TC Energy announced on Sunday that Keystone XL would receive net-zero emissions during operations, starting in 2023. A spokesman did not respond to a request for comment on Biden’s executive order plans.

The decision was praised by environmentalists. “President-Elect Biden is showing courage and sympathy for farmers, farmers and tribal countries that have dealt with the threat that has disrupted their lives for more than a decade,” said Bold Nebraska founder Jane Kleb, a grassroots At the level the group focused on scooting. Assignment or Project.

Canada-US Relations: TC Energy first proposed an $ 8 billion pipeline in 2008, stating that the 1,200-mile project was critical to transport crude from Western Canada to the refinery in the Midwest. In 2015, the Obama administration denied a cross-border permission for the pipeline, however, stating that it would distribute oil would exacerbate climate change.

Keystone XL was one of the few issues on which Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau agreed. The Liberal government planned to continue advocating the pipeline.

During a congratulatory call with Biden on 9 November, Trudeau told the incoming president that he is eager to join forces to fight climate change while collaborating on energy projects such as Keystone XL.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenny won’t be Beton Cancel a project already under construction when he announced in March that his government had taken a $ 1.1 billion stake in Keystone XL. Initial construction began last fall in Montana, Nebraska and South Dakota.

The provincial government openly made a legal intervention last year in a court case that halted pipeline construction and allegedly hired American lobbyists to make its case in Washington.

Steph Feldman, a policy director for Biden’s campaign, told POLITICO in May that Democrats would “proudly stand in the Roosevelt Room again as president and stop it for good.”

What will happen next: In a statement Sunday night, Kane vowed to work with TC Energy to “use all legal avenues available to protect Alberta’s interest” in the pipeline.

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