Biden first called up with Putin as president, addressing nukes and election interference

President Biden on Tuesday called on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to discuss a range of topics on national security, including the renewal of a nuclear weapons treaty, the reward placed on US troops in Afghanistan, and interference in the 2020 election.

Biden’s first step in rebuilding diplomacy with one of America’s key rivals was to bring the US and Russia back to the table and agree on a five-year extension to their only remaining nuclear weapons treaty.


The new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, known as START, was jeopardized last year when the Trump administration said they would not agree to renew the treaty ending in February, unless China The agreement does not bring in – a move – China flatly rejected.

In October 1987, President Trump pulled the US out of the original nuclear weapons treaty with Russia. In 2018 it was claimed that former Soviet countries did not survive their end of the bargain, leaving only the new START treaty in the deal.

The White House on Tuesday confirmed that both the US and Russia would “urgently work” to meet the February 5 deadline.

“The two countries agreed to explore strategic stability discussions on arms control and emerging security issues,” the White House confirmed in a statement.

But Biden hit other difficult topics in his first phone call with Putin since he entered the White House last week.

One of the largest cybersecurity breaches in US history, the SolarWinds hack – by Russian government criminals – was on Tuesday’s agenda, as well as reports of Russian bounty placed on US troops in Afghanistan last year.

The White House said in a statement, “President Biden made it clear that the United States would act strongly in defense of its national interests in response to actions taken by Russia to harm us or our allies.”

Biden accused his predecessor of being weak at Russia, calling Trump a “puppy of Putin” during the first presidential debate last year, not to take decisive action after reports surfaced about the rewards placed on US troops in Afghanistan. Criticized him for

The newly formed president reaffirmed America’s stance on supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty, condemning the poison of Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.

Putin has not publicly commented on the phone call he made with Biden on Tuesday, but the Kremlin issued a statement stating that the “normalization of relations” between the two superpowers would not only benefit their relationship. But also for global security. And sustainability, throughout the international community. “

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Biden also addressed concerns about reports by the intelligence community of a repeat in Russian interference in the 2020 general election. The president’s decision to address election interference with Putin contradicts Trump’s response to reports of election interference in 2016 – at one point he suggested relying on U.S. intelligence officials to put Putin’s word.

Biden has said that he will make US diplomacy the cornerstone of his presidency by improving relations with friendly countries and expanding treaties with opponents such as Russia and Iran.

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