Biden Deploys FEMA, National Guard to Establish Kovid Vaccine Clinics Across America

Spc. Catherine Deskins (L) of the Nevada Army National Guard administers a modern COVID-19 vaccination for the Clark County Fire Department Captain. Jasmine Ghazinour on the first day of the Clark County pilot vaccination program on January 14, 2021 at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. .

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President-elect Joe Bedon plans to use FEMA and the National Guard to build a coronavirus vaccine clinic in the United States, according to new details of his Kovid-19 vaccination plan released by his infection team on Friday.

The Biden administration will also “quickly jumpstart” efforts to make vaccines available at local pharmacies in the US, which should ensure that Americans have access to the dose only miles from their home, as planned.

“The deal is,” Biden said in a speech in Wilmington, Delaware: The more people we vaccinate, the faster we do it, the sooner we can save lives and put this epidemic behind us And can get back their lives and loved ones. “Thursday night.” We won’t get out of it overnight and we can’t do it as a separate nation. “

Drug store chains and pharmacies were to play a larger role in the distribution of vaccines after the government expanded access to more people. But the gradual expected rollout has disappointed the pharmacy chain. The National Association of Chain Drug Stores asked the federal government earlier this week to allow states to send more doses directly to pharmacies as they do to hospitals and health departments.

The group estimated that at least 100 million vaccines could be placed each month in the country’s retail pharmacies, which would fulfill the upcoming administration’s promise of 100 million shots in 100 days.

The Biden administration has said that current vaccination efforts are not enough to vaccinate the majority of America’s population quickly and equitably, stating, “We must ensure that people on the ground get vaccinated in people’s hands is required.”

The pace of vaccination in America is much slower than the authorities. According to data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of 6 am on Friday, more than 31.1 million doses of the vaccine had been distributed across the US, but more than 12.2 million shots have been administered.

Meanwhile, cases are growing rapidly, recording at least 238,800 new Kovid-19 cases in the US and at least 3,310 virus-related deaths each day, according to data from CNBC using Johns Hopkins University data The calculation is based on an average of seven days.

“We live in very deep winters,” Biden said during a speech on Friday. “Almost a year later we are still far from normal. The honest truth is this: Things will go bad before they get better,” he said. He called the vaccine rollout a “failure” in the US.

According to the plan, Biden will also implement the Defense Production Act “to maximize the manufacture of vaccine and vaccine supplies for the country”.

Advisers for the incoming president had previously indicated that it would implement wartime production legislation, which allows the president to force companies to prioritize manufacturing for national security, increasing vaccine production.

The plan states that the Act would increase the supply of essential equipment that would otherwise cause bottlenecks in the rollout of the vaccine if they were deficient, including glass vials, syringes, stoppers, and needles. It will also increase the ability to package vaccines into vials.

Biden’s plan would encourage states to open eligibility beyond health care workers and long-term care facility residents and employees and include teachers, first responders, grocery store employees, and essential employees 65 and older.

The CDC on Tuesday issued new guidelines extending the coronovirus vaccine eligibility to everyone 65 years of age and older as well as those with comrade conditions such as diabetes. According to the CDC, some 53 million Americans who are 65 and older between 16 and 64 and 110 million between 16 and 64 are eligible to receive the vaccine.

“This would not mean that the infection group wrote that everyone in these groups would get vaccinated immediately, as supplies were not required.” “But it would mean that as soon as vaccines become available, they will reach more people they need.”

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