Biden compared Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong Un to ‘relationship with Hitler’

  • Joe Biden accused President Trump of “legitimizing” North Korea’s “thug” leader Kim Jong-un.
  • Biden said on Thursday that North Korea had become a strong military threat to the US under Trump’s supervision.
  • The president defended his efforts to improve relations with North Korea, insisting: “It is a good thing to have good relations with leaders of other countries.”
  • Biden compared Trump’s relationship with Kim Jong-un before he had a “good relationship” with America’s “Adolf Hitler” when he invaded Europe and provoked World War Two.
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Joe Biden has accused the president of “thugging” North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un, comparing the United States’ relationship with Adolf Hitler before attacking Europe.

During a televised debate in Nashville in Tennessee on Thursday evening, Trump sought to maintain his record of improving US relations with hostile countries, claiming that former President Barack Obama had warned him that North Korea would be the United States. Was a big threat to him because he “had a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un” before becoming ”

“She [President Obama] Indicated that we would go to war with North Korea. Guess what? It will be a nuclear war.

“They have a lot of nuclear capability,” Trump said.

“Meanwhile, I have a great relationship with him. A different kind of man but he probably thinks the same thing about me. We have a different kind of relationship. We have a very good relationship and there is no war.”

In response, Biden defended his tough stand on North Korea during the Obama administration, and accused Trump of allowing the US to increase its military threat since he was elected to the White House in 2016.

“What has he done? He has legitimized North Korea. He has talked about his good friend who is a thug, a thug.”

“And he talks about how we are better. And he has far more capable missiles than missiles capable of reaching American territory.”

Trump insisted “having a good relationship with the leaders of other countries” is a good thing “Biden replied:” It’s like saying that we had a good relationship with Hitler before he was actually in Europe. , Invade the rest of Europe. “

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The US was neutral for the first two years of the Second World War fighting Nazi Germany in December 1941, along with Britain, France and other European democracies.

However, leading to Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939, America’s relations with Germany had cooled down.

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