Biden can confirm the vote to protect the majority of the House

Washington (AP) – President-Elect Joe Biden The decision to tap a number of House Democrats for administrative positions is putting speaker Nancy Pelosi in a politically difficult position, far from the party’s already slimming majority and enough votes to pass its legislative agenda. Potentially leaving without.

Democrats were already moving to the new Congress with razor-thin margins On the republican. But as history’s first Native American Secretary of the Interior, the third legislator, Rep., Set a new round of fresh conversation on what to do. Pelosi began the Biden era with a narrow majority on 222–211, with some races still undecided.

But Pelosi’s leadership team has a plan.

“We need to manage something like Rep. James Cleburne of South Carolina, Democratic Whip, and a top Biden aide,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press this week.

According to Clyburn, an emerging strategy stirs up confirmations: Biden will formally stop submitting nominations once so that house numbers do not fall immediately.

As part of the plan, the first several months of the new Congress would run out of time, enough time for the House to pass a 100-day agenda, a typically critical but symbolic, legislative sprint that aligned with Biden’s presidency Gaya takes on new importance.

Sealburn said the first pick of the House of Biden, Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., Will join the administration on Jan. 20 before the presidential election. Richmond is set to become a senior adviser, a position that does not require confirmation by the Senate.

Biden then went on to fill Richmond’s seat after the March special election in Louisiana, with two other D-Ohio nominees, Holland and Repp, who served as housing secretaries. Marcia will wait to submit to Fuse, D-Ohio.

Until the Senate is confirmed, lawmakers can vote in the House. Their nominations can be sent one month later, one month later.

“Just manage it,” Clyb said.

Three House seats are in Democratic strongholds and are expected to be off-limits for Republicans. But special elections can throw curbballs, and staggering times will also give the campaign enough running room to get candidates up and running.

Democrats are already deep in political soul-searching after disappointing November results For the House Democrats. Biden had fewer seats in victory because he lost seats And saw his majority shrink.

Moderate MPs and strategists far left the party’s message and blamed progressivism; Progressivists complained that it was voters who launched a sneaky campaign without a bold message to attract voters.

Pelosi has a master vote counter on the House floor, but even his skills will be tested in the new Congress, starting with his own election for another term as speaker. If some Democratic lawmakers also objected or snatched, it might be difficult to pass the bill in the new Congress.

In an extreme scenario, Republicans could also attempt gavel and majority control. If the number is reduced so much – with illnesses or other absences, which are likely to occur during the COVID-19 crisis – Republicans could try to force a floor vote on the issue.

Rep. Tom O, R-Okla., Said on Friday that the departure of the three MPs would have to be “too difficult” for Pelosi to rule with existing divisions between Democrats.

Cole said, “When your margin on any vote is equally narrow, some people can go completely crazy about the vote and take it out on you.”

The Danger Zone was close enough that House Majority Leader Stany Hoyer warned Biden last month to take any more Democrats from their ranks.

“I felt it would be difficult, if indeed, members of Congress were selected,” Hoyer told reporters this week. “The margin was very close.”

A similar scenario has unfolded in the Senate, where Biden has avoided the naming of senators to administrative positions due to his narrow leadership hold.

The breakdown of the Senate will be 51–48 when the new Congress is sworn in on 3 January. The decision has not yet been taken until January 2 with a majority. 5 runoff elections in georgia. One of the runners includes a Republican senator.

In some ways, a closely divided House could provide Biden with the opportunity to reach all the way and try to cut bipartisan deals with a centrist agenda that could attract some Republicans.

But so far, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy has indicated the movement in the opposite direction. He also wants to use floor procedures as a political process to consolidate bills with Republican priorities and force weak Democrats into weak votes.

Republicans used the strategy with some success in the current session of Congress, creating campaign ads against Democrats seeking reelection. McCarthy, now reaching his own shot to capture a majority for Republicans in 2022, warned soon after the November election that there would be more floor battles to come.

McCarthy said Republicans would not have a majority in the new year, they would “run the floor.”

To block those efforts, Democrats are considering a change in the rules proposed by the Rep. Stephanie Murphy, D-Fla., Who would increase the threshold of those votes by a two-thirds majority, so that it would be more difficult for Republicans to change bills.

Yet the first legislation of the new Congress is perhaps not too difficult for Pelosi, even with a slimmer majority.

The agenda is likely to be contained in HR 1 through HR9 – the first nine bills of the last Congress – popular democratic measures on voting rights, lowering drug prices, raising the minimum wage and requiring background checks for gun purchases. Most Democrats are already voted for.


Associated Press writer Alan Fram contributed to this report.


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