Biden campaigned to ‘return to normalcy’, but some Dems made radical changes to the political system if they won

Joe Biden has vowed to restore his presidential campaign to “normalcy” if he defeats President Trump in the November election, even as some Democrats vow to make radical changes, So they should win control of both the White House and Congress chambers.

Biden has repeatedly pushed against Republicans’ attempts to tie him to the party’s progressive wing – “I’m the Democratic Party right now,” he announced Tuesday night during the first presidential debate in Cleveland – yet Other Democratic leaders have supported the policies. To re-shape the country, including abolishing the filibuster, granting state status to Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, and expanding the Supreme Court.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said in an interview with MSNBC on Wednesday, “As far as filming is concerned, I’m not cutting my chops to be the leader of the majority for doing little or nothing.” ” “We’re going to do a lot. Everything, everything is on the table.”

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The question of abolishing the filibuster has led to new extravagances within the Democratic Party that are not accompanied by the familiar progressive-liberal blunder.

For example, Sen. John Tester, a liberal Democrat from Montana, indicated last week that he would be open to ending the 60-vote threshold in the Senate, marked by the position he held last year.

“I didn’t come here to do anything. I came here to complete the work, ”Tester told National Review. “I think Filmbuster is very important, and I think it makes for better legislation, and I still believe that. I still support Filibuster, but like I said, we’ll see that other What happens on the other side. Who knows what is going to happen? ”

But censored. Kirsten Sinima, D-Eries., Joe Manchin, D.W. V, and Diane Fienstein, D-California, still reject the idea of ​​filibuster reform.

“I think the filibuster Senate Judiciary Committee’s ranking member, Feinstein, said last week that this is an objective.” “It’s not often used, it’s less often used now than when I first came, and I think it’s part of the Senate that prepares itself.”


Other stances that were once seen as fringes are becoming popular among leftist lawmakers, including granting state status to Washington, D.C., which historically held Democratic votes. During the summer, the House, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, passed legislation that would make Washington a state, granting it one representative in the House and two in the Senate.

“The fact is that the people of the District of Columbia pay taxes, fight our battles, risk their lives for our democracy and yet, they have no say in this state, they have no one in the House or Senate The vote is not whether we go to war and how those taxes are fixed, ”Pelosi said at the time.

(Senate Leader Mitch McConnell called Washington State “full-socialism”.

If the Democrats control the majority and the House next year, there is a possibility that the legislation could become law.

Schumer reiterated Wednesday that he wanted to see the states of Washington and Puerto Rico, possibly tilting the upper chamber in favor of Democrats for years to come.

“I would love to state them,” he said.

The death of Justice Ruth Beder Ginsburg in September and Amy Connie Barrett’s Republican nomination to the Supreme Court have only served as a catalyst for deep structural change among Democrats, including progressives and some maudettes.

One proposal that has traction in the wake of Ginsburg’s death is the notion of adding more courts to the country’s Supreme Court to shift ideological makeup. If Barrett is confirmed, the court will lean 6-3 in favor of conservatives.

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Sen. Mark Mark Sen of D-Mass tweeted on Saturday, “If Republicans confirm Judge Barrett, end the film and expand the Supreme Court.”

Yet the push for structural change among some Democrats also ties him with Biden, who has rejected calls for scrapping Filmfare and questioned whether he would allow more members in the country’s highest court Supports the addition (Ruth Beder was Biden, before Binsburg’s death) a staunch opponent of doing so).

California rape. Karen Bass, who was in the running for Biden’s vice president, told The New York Times that the change in the government stem from the Democratic fraternity calls for change. Biden, who served as a Delaware senator for nearly four decades before becoming vice president, repeatedly said he could work all the way. But Bass rejected that notion, stating that the Senate had gone awry.


“I think he would say that ‘this senate is not the senate in which I have served,” he said.

Republicans are struggling to win a 53–47 majority in the Senate as Democrats target multiple GOP-occupied seats. To withdraw to the Senate, Democrats would need to take three additional seats and win the White House.

Republicans are hoping to win back the Alabama seat held by Democratic incumbent Sen. Doug Jones, who is considered one of the weakest senators. But Democrats are going after Republican senators in a growing number of states including Maina, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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