Biden campaign puts VP staff ahead of naming Running Mate

Whoever the running Democratic Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden will have a team of advisors ready to go as running mate.

With a decision, Biden’s campaign on Tuesday announced a team of nine Democratic strategists and operatives who could help tackle the responsibility and stress of serving on a major political party ticket during the presidential general election . And the team’s anchoring are two stalwarts who teamed up with Biden as vice president under the leadership of President Barack Obama.

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At the top of the list is Liz Allen, who will serve as communications director for the running partner. Recently a managing director at well-known DC-based consulting firm Glover Park, Allen served as the then vice president’s spokesman. He later worked in the Obama White House as deputy White House communications director.

Alan tweeted on Tuesday that it was an honor @TeamJoe once again. Let’s do it. ”

Other employees who worked directly with Biden are Sheila Nix, who served as the head of the vice president in the 2012 Obama campaign, and later as the head of another woman, Jill Biden, in the White House. Nix is ​​being brought on board as a senior adviser to Running Mate and his spouse.

Nix tweeted that he is “excited to be officially back.” #TeamBiden

Carine Jean-Pierre – who served in senior leadership roles in the 2008 and 2012 Obama presidential campaigns and who most recently served as chief public affairs officer for MoveOn – will be the running mate’s chief of staff.

Six other operators are also being brought to the running Mate’s staff. This news was first reported by NBC News.