Biden builds senior White House staffers with top campaign advisors

Among the leases announced Tuesday: Mike Donilon, chief strategist for Biden’s campaign, who played a key role in preparing his speeches and advertising as he prepared the 2020 race as a “battle for the soul of the nation” , Who will be a senior advisor. director. And the president of the Biden campaign, and Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, a White House veteran, Steve Ricksheti, will be advisors to the president.

A few days after the announcements arrived, Biden saw veteran Democratic operative Ron Clann as his chief of staff, and explains that Biden is filling the staff for the first time who will surround him in the White House before going on cabinet announcements .

News of at least two appointments had already broken out on Monday: Jane Manger, the campaign manager who took over through the Democratic primaries after Biden and turned her campaign into history’s biggest fundraising juggernaut , He is the deputy head of Biden.
Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond, the former president of the Congressional Black Caucus, is resigning his House seat to become Biden’s senior adviser and director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, a Biden deputy campaign manager who was a top aide during the presidential campaign of former Vice-President Kamala Harris, will be director of the White House of Intergovernmental Affairs. Chavez Rodriguez is also a veteran of former President Barack Obama’s administration, where he was special assistant to the president and senior deputy director of public engagement.

Dana Remus, general counsel of the Biden campaign and once a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and general counsel of the Obama Foundation and the personal office of the Obamas, has the title of advising the president.

Annie Tommasini, who was Biden’s staff chief during the campaign, will be director of Oval Office Operations, a gatekeeper role that again brings her closer to the presidential-election.

Klan said in a statement, “President-Elect Biden and Vice-President Elect Harris have an ambitious and urgent agenda for action. The team we have already started to gather will be facing our nation Be able to meet challenges. ” Haier on Tuesday morning.

Biden’s transition team announced several top employees of Jill Biden, as well. Julissa Renoso Pantallione, a former US ambassador to Uruguay and deputy assistant secretary of state, now a partner in the law firm of Winston & Straw, will be Biden’s chief of staff. Anthony Bernal, who was the first female Chief of Staff during the 2020 campaign, will be senior adviser.

For the longer segments of the 2020 campaign, Tommasini and Bernal were the only Biden associates who regularly met with the candidate and his wife. Biden campaigned extensively from home for months, with the state locked in and banned during the coronavirus virus epidemic, as campaign staff worked remotely. Tomasini and Bernal were the only employees who regularly entered and left their home in Delaware.


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