Biden appoints new cabinet secretaries, Trump Loyalists

Until Judge Merrick b. Garland is confirmed as Attorney General, Monty Wilkinson, a long-time career employee who Eric H.W. Holder worked closely with Jr., serving in an acting capacity when he was Attorney General.

Acting Deputy Attorney General John P. There is Carlin, who ran the National Security Division of the Department of Justice during the Obama administration. He is only holding office as long as Lisa Monaco, who has worked closely with Mr. Carlin for years, can be confirmed as deputy attorney general. He worked as a Homeland Security Advisor under Mr. Obama and during Trump’s years, he and Mr. Carlin ran a group studying the most difficult issues in cyberpolish.

The politicization of the Justice Department angered Mr. Trump’s critics, the Environmental Protection Agency’s neutering resented progressives, and it is perhaps no surprise that the agency is already at the center of the change.

About a month before Inauguration Day, Charlotte Bertrand, a Trump official who ran the water office, suddenly emerged as the woman who would take over as caretaker administrator when the agency’s head resigned. When that moment came, he never had a chance to sit in a chair.

Within hours of his presidency, Mr. Biden named Jane Nishida, the deputy assistant chief of staff for the agency’s Office of International and Tribal Affairs, until her nominee, Michael S. Regan, North Carolina’s top environmental regulator, was the agency’s head. It is not confirmed to lead.

But long before Mr. Regan arrives at the building, a cadre of young staff members – a roster that reads who won the climate change policy, many of them descended from the Obama administration – will be at work.

Tiernan Seinfield, senior vice president of government affairs for the Conservation Voters League, said the team of experienced staff members was specially selected to hasten the task of reversing Mr. Trump’s policies.

“It was clear that we were coming from the most anti-environment, anti-climate action administration that we have,” Ms. Sittenfeld said. He said: “The need to work immediately was so important. There was a very deliberate, very thoughtful, ambitious effort to quickly replace highly skilled specialists. “

Reporting was contributed by Lisa Friedman, Noah Weiland, Glen thrush, Helen cooper, Coral Davenport, Katie Banner, And Zolan Kanno-Yongs.

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