Biden and Harris release 2019 tax returns before first debate

Washington – Democratic candidate Joe Biden and running mate Senator Kamala Harris released their 2019 tax returns. First presidential debate On Tuesday, one drew attention to the New York Times Report good Revealing that President Trump paid just $ 750 in federal income tax in 2017, the year he entered the White House.

Biden’s tax returns show that he and his wife, Jill, earned $ 944,737 in taxable wages in 2019 and paid $ 299,346 in total taxes, a 31.6% rate. Biden listed her occupation as “executive” and Jill Biden wrote that she was a “teacher”. Harris and her husband, Doug Amhoff, earned $ 3,018,127 in taxable income and paid $ 1,185,628 in total taxes, a 39.2% rate as of their return. Harris and Amhoff incurred $ 432,205 in taxes, while Bidens received a refund of $ 46,858.

According to the campaign, Biden has issued a tax return of 22 years and Harris has issued 15 years. Mr. Trump has not released any of his tax returns to the public, citing a one-year IRS audit. Individuals are not prohibited from issuing their tax returns under an audit.

In its blockbuster report over the weekend, the Times said it reflected years of the president’s tax record that he paid no income tax in 10 of the 15 years before 2016. In 2016, the year he was elected, he paid $ 750 in federal income tax, the Times said, And paid the same amount the following year. Mr. Trump insisted that the report was “completely fake news.”

In a press call with reporters Tuesday before the debate, Biden Communications Director Kate Beddingfield said the Times’ reporting “reinforces what we already knew about Donald Trump.” Biden is expected to bring the Times’ reporting to the debate on Tuesday evening.

Bo Erikson contributed to this report.

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