Biden and Harris have terrible records, Trump made me vote for them anyway

  • Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent politicians as much as I detest them, especially in the criminal justice world for the way they have achieved power.
  • Biden is one of the leading architects of the failed, immoral war on drugs, and a supporter of almost every American military intervention of the last half century.
  • As District Attorney and Attorney General, Harris kept a close watch on the corruption of police and prosecutors and clamped down on poor people and addicts.
  • So why am I voting for these morally compromised, power-hungry career politicians? It’s simple: Donald Trump has been president for almost four years.
  • This is an opinion column. The views expressed are those of the author.
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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, respectively, represent a lifelong politician as well as a lifelong politician and the horrific potential of abuse by the police over a horrific crusade.

Especially when it comes to civil liberties and criminal justice reform – the umbrella term for the issues with which I am most politically involved – they have absolutely terrible records as “tough on crime” politicians .

And yet I am going to vote for the Democratic ticket anyway – absolutely, though not without some lament that it has come to this – because Donald Trump presides over it is uncertain and disastrous.

To vote while holding one’s nose

It sounds terrible to vote for disliked or disbelieved candidates, but we all made our political calculations. Mine focuses on an unwavering desire to see the end of Trump’s political career in defeat.

An ideal scenario would be voters who poisoned Trumpism overnight, not only expelling him from the presidency, but giving Democrats complete control of Congress. Only when Trump proves himself an obligation to the party he has hijacked can the GOP be reborn because something is similar to his ideals, a free market-supporting center-right party that is financially Harm will not pursue policies like trade war.

Not because my political identity is particularly attractive, but rather for the context of this column, I have called myself a “civil libertarian”, mainly because the issues of civil liberties affect me the most.

Many times I have voted for the Libertarian, Republican and Democratic presidencies. I am disqualified in the American electorate – a politically active registered independent who rejects duplex and has no allegiance to truly liberal or conservative conservatives.

The point is going, I am not a reliable Democratic voter.

And I’m not voting for Biden / Harris because I have any hope of them “uniting the country” or “returning to normalcy”. With the most prominent voices rolling themselves to the left in pretzels to justify riots and looting, and America’s leading right-leaning party openly embracing QAnon conspiracy theorists and bigots, I believe That this country is politically and culturally broken, and will be for some time.

Biden and Harris have voted mine despite breaking their record in government. Those records are a primer on what you can do in the most powerful office in the world. I want them to be kept honestly about those records.

Biden enacted bad laws, Harris enforced the laws badly

By the way there were some 20-democratic presidential candidates, I wanted to see Biden and Harris as two tickets at the top of the ticket on zero-in.

Biden introduced himself as the people of America, the work-of-the-isle, the “get stuff” lawmaker. And did the boy get the goods.

In four decades as a Senator from Delaware, Biden tried to outdo Reagan-era Republicans in drafting drug war legislation. He helped create the role of federal “drug caesar”. He was instrumental in drafting the massive expansion and expansion of the 1994 crime bill. He went on to introduce legislation that “did everything but hang people to be hanged.”

Even in the 2000s he was the Senate’s reliably out-of-touch Democratic nerds, criminalizing Rave, arresting party promoters, and urging local municipalities to use “crack-house legislation” Which he co-sponsored in 1986 to expose the parties.

Now most Americans are in favor of drug discontinuation and recognize the mass and mass loss that is inevitably sent.

Biden has supported almost every US military intervention of the last half century (though to his credit, he opposed President Obama’s intervention in Libya, which proved disastrous).

But Biden could not escape the fact that as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he served as President George W.W. Bush’s Democratic support for the invasion of Iraq strongly rebuffed – undeniably a nuisance of America’s’ worst foreign policy since the Vietnam War.

Harris’s record is not nearly as tall as Biden’s, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t seen some of his own dubious feats.

Strangely selling himself as a no-nonsense prosecutor and as a joke, hip-hop love, former pot smoker, Harris’s political career as a self-described “top cop” Cannot be divorced from their work.

Although Harris as a district attorney and California attorney general says he was a “progressive prosecutor”, Harris was, in fact, both a strict-on-crime and a soft-on-bad cop.

As Reason Elizabeth Nolan Brown put it:

“Every attorney general fights for state power and police. It’s part of the job. But time and again, Harris has overtaken the call of duty, harsh sentences, large bail requirements, prison sentences, long term And prosecuted for petty crimes. Lower income and greater criminal justice involvement in minority communities, less procedures for people in the system, less transparency, and less accountability for bad police. ”

As DA of San Francisco, Harris’s office turned a blind eye to a corrupt police lab technician whose work resulted in hundreds of convictions. She aggressively cracked down on parents of aggressive children. He pushed drug addicts with former convicts from drug courts to sell drugs, which allow drug offenders to escape jail time if they complete a drug rehabilitation program.

The progressive-leaning US prospect wrote that as California’s attorney general, Harris “repeatedly and openly defied orders by the US Supreme Court to reduce overcrowding in California jails,” saying That “Harris and his legal team filed lawsuits that were condemned by judges and legal experts.” Blockers, bad faith and pointless, also suggest at one point that the Supreme Court lacked jurisdiction to order a reduction in California’s prison population. ”

As the AG, Harris’ office fought to keep an undisclosed man in prison because his lawyers missed a filing deadline, and only freed him from prison if he was forced to do so by the courts Had given. Harris’s office tried to prevent former inmates from collecting financial compensation from the state for wrongfully stealing years of their lives. Her office was also known for “slow investigation” into corrupt or abusive police and prosecutors.

So why am I voting for these morally compromised, power-hungry career politicians?

It’s simple: Donald Trump has been president for almost four years.

Look around, this shit is Trump’s legacy

This is no longer 2016, where we can play the “This will not be good” fantasy game about how a ruthless political outsider can shake the system and give rise to opportunity.

The apprehension about Trump’s presidency is set to suffer a lot.

In his eyes, the GOP decisively abandoned fiscal conservatism and sat idly by, while personally demolishing alliances that protected the US-led World War II international order. He has normalized casual racism and baseless conspiracy-antagonism. He presides over the worst national coronavirus response in the developed world, resulting in the deaths of approximately 220,000 Americans.

Politics aside, he is a terrible executive. Trump is failing our country by every meaningful metric.

As claimed to be a great criminal justice reformer, Trump deserves credit for prison reform by signing the First Step Act. However, Trump’s Justice Department is reducing its effectiveness. He also reversed the Obama administration’s policy and canceled the federal government’s program to provide additional military equipment to local police departments. This week he celebrated an additional police assassination. And as a Trump supporter police union – the most irreconcilable opponents of reform – as it gets.

Having said that, Trump wants to go through any democratic means, does not mean that Democrats get a pass.

Concerns about the Democratic Party taking a tough stance on economic and social issues are those I share. We desperately need to address climate change, but the Green New Deal is not remotely viable in its current form. The growing leftist tendency to use racial imperatives to achieve “justice” is one that I wholeheartedly reject. And I think it’s positively insane for liberals that billionaires are calling for Tech Bros to be the arbiters of the truth.

With hope, I will be making rhetoric in a Biden administration on January 20 and for four years thereafter. (And yes, I was a fool to declare Biden’s candidacy dead after being eliminated in Iowa and New Hampshire.)

Whatever objections I may have to the policies of the Biden administration, I am confident that it will properly manage the government machinery, rather than hollow it out and replace it, as Trump did.

I have never felt bad about voting for the presidency, but I am doing it this year, unexpectedly and enthusiastically. My hands would probably move as shadows on the ballot, if the epidemic-life had not robbed me of the ability to feel emotion.

And yet I am completely resolved in my decision to vote for Democrats, simply because Trump and Trumpism should be articulated by the largest number of Americans. For me in 2020, a Third Party Protest vote is not just as loud as a Democratic protest vote.

Republicans can thank Donald Trump for my 2020 Democratic vote.