Biden Ahead in Georgia, Pennsylvania; Trump attacks process

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrat Joe Biden voted for President Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia on Friday morning, which hinges on the result of tight contests in the president’s major battlegrounds.

Both races were still on for the counting of votes. No candidate has reached the 270 Electoral College votes needed to win the White House, though Biden has the advantage in two key Midwestern battleground states after eclipsing Trump in Wisconsin and Michigan. Biden trailed Trump by about 6,000 votes in Pennsylvania and more than 1,000 votes in Georgia.

In some states it may take several days for the vote count to end, allowing a clear winner to emerge. After tabulating millions of ballots so far, Biden has already received more than 73 million votes nationally, the highest in history

As the Americans entered the third full day after the election, without knowing who won the race, concerns about the outcome were occurring. With his path to reelection as narrow, Trump was testing how far he could go in using presidential power to reduce confidence in the vote.

On Thursday, he falsely argued inefficient allegations of voter fraud that his opponent was trying to seize power in an extraordinary attempt by the US president to sow doubts about the democratic process.

From the podium of the White House briefing room, Trump said, “This is a case when they are trying to steal an election, they are trying to rig an election.”

Biden on Thursday tried to ease tensions and create a more traditional image of the president’s leadership. After attending the coronovirus briefing, he announced that “each ballot should be counted.”

“I told everyone to be calm. The process is working, ”said Biden. “This is the will of the voters. No one, no one else who elects the President of the United States. “

Trump showed no signs of giving up and came back to Twitter around 2:30 a.m. on Friday, “America’s Supreme Court Must Decide!”

Republicans challenged Trump’s inaccurate claims about the integrity of the election now had to choose whether a breakup with a president could, although his grip on his office was tightened, from the GOP’s rank and file members Sky-high approval rating received. . This was especially true for those who are eyeing their own presidential runs in 2024.

Maryland GOP Gov. Larry Hogan, a potential presidential hopeful who has often criticized Trump, disproportionately said: “There is no defense tonight for the president’s comments to ease our Democratic process. America is counting votes, and we should respect the results as we always have. “

But those who are rumored to be considering running their own White House in four years have associated themselves with the encounter, including Sen. Josh Hawkley, R-Mo, who supported Trump’s claims Tweeted that, “If the last 24 hours have made anything clear, it is that we now need new election integrity laws.”

Trump’s campaign was engulfed in a flood of legal activity to try to improve Republican presidential opportunities, saying it would lead to a comeback in Wisconsin and filing lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

Judges in Georgia and Michigan quickly dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuits on Thursday, when Trump still held a small edge in Georgia – though Biden was taking advantage of them as the counting of votes continued. The same was true in Pennsylvania, where Trump’s leadership had slipped to nearly 18,000 votes – and the race is sure to be tight.

One reason is that election officials were not allowed to process mail-in ballots until election day under state law. This is a form of voting that has been heavily skewed in Biden’s favor after Trump claimed for months without any evidence that voting by mail would lead to widespread voter fraud.

Mail ballots from across the state were crumbling heavily under Biden’s direction. A final vote may not be clear for the total number of days because the use of mail-in ballots, which take longer to process, has increased as a result of the coronovirus epidemic.

The Trump campaign said it was confident the president would eventually win in Arizona, where votes are still being counted, including Maricopa County, the state’s most populous region. The AP declared Biden the winner in Arizona and said on Thursday it was monitoring the vote count as it moved forward.

“The Associated Press continues to view and analyze vote count results from Arizona,” said AP executive editor Sally Buzbee. “We will follow the facts in all cases.”

Trump’s campaign was filing legal challenges in several states, though he faced long odds. It would have to win multiple lawsuits in many states to prevent counting of votes, as more than one state was undeclared.

Some lawsuits on the Trump team only demand better access for campaign observers to places where ballots are being processed and counted. A judge in Georgia dismissed the campaign’s trial less than 12 hours after it was filed. A Michigan judge dismissed Trump’s lawsuit over whether enough GOP challengers had access to deal with absentee ballots

Biden attorney Bob Bauer said the suits were legally “meritless”. Their sole purpose, he said “is to create an opportunity for them to give a false message about what is happening in the electoral process.”


Weisser from Wilmington, Delaware, reported. Writers Coleen Long and Alexandra Jaffe of the Associated Press in Washington contributed to this report.


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