Biden Advisor Defends Liberal Agenda Items in $ 1.9T Coronovirus Relief Plan, Dodges Filmbuster’s End

President-Elect Joe Biden’s proposed coronavirus relief package would cost taxpayers $ 1.9 trillion, and his economic adviser defended the inclusion of several Democratic agenda items.

During an interview with “Fox News Sunday”, Brian Desse insisted that all Americans pay $ 1,400, $ 20 billion for public transit, $ 9 billion for cybersecurity and $ 15 minimum wage injury during the epidemic. Were all important means of helping to deliver.

BIDEN has a $ 1.9T STIMULUS plan that is ‘BAILOUT’ for the BLUE States, which is Locked Polysys: Waltz

“Let’s look at each of them,” DeSay said. “Cyber ​​Security’s resources are in the wake of the SolarWind hack. We have seen, and now understand, the critical vulnerabilities that have been enhanced by COVID, and the fact that so much federal operations are happening online. We need to protect our systems now. Those resources are needed. “

The DES did not clarify what transit funding has to do with COVID-19 relief, other than to say that “our transit system across the country is facing acute crisis” and that it now helps them improve While people are working remotely, when people will eventually start to revisit.

As for the increased minimum wage, Deci said it is “a solid and direct way to help support the workers who are on the front lines right now, provide services to all of us, and support them directly” And promote directly. Right now. “

Booking of various government undertakings before the first day in office

Direct support had already come as a $ 600 payment to individual Americans, and Biden is offering an additional $ 1,400. Deese pointed to bipartisan support for the increased payments. President Trump himself called for a check for $ 2,000 instead of $ 600 that ended in the most recent stimulus package.

Host Chris Wallace mentioned that Republicans were unwilling to spend more than $ 1 trillion in the final package, and that he was with a Republican president. Biden himself said “there’s no time to waste” and “we have to take action now,” asking Wallace if Biden would support ending Filmfare if the GOP said no to his $ 1.9 trillion plan. Desse did not give a direct answer, pointing to Biden’s previous call for unity, but he also said that acting “early” is a priority for the incoming administration.

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“Well look, we think we need to get here quickly, but I will also say that there is a lot of doubt that the call for unity and working together for the presidential-election was going to resonate and that re-election. have won.” “There is a lot of doubt that the Congress will come together in a bipartisan manner and make a down payment on this relief, and it happened. So let’s see where we can get here. Then, there’s a lot of elements. This The plan has support throughout Washington and the state capitals and across the country. But we need to act. We need to act quickly. That’s what the economy is telling us, that’s what the experts are telling us, and so it’s our Priority. “

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