Biden, a high-wire forward with Russia ahead of Putin’s call

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Joe Biden is quickly thrown into a high-wire balancing act with Russia as he tightens his administration’s stance against Vladimir Putin while preserving room for diplomacy in the Donald Dump era. Let’s try to do.

It is necessary to ensure that there is a split-to-one relationship with Trump, who was enamored with the Russian leader and sought his approval, suspecting Russian interference in the 2016 elections and involvement in the massive hack last year. Despite this outrageous approach, his administration built a hard line against Moscow, imposing sanctions on the country, issues ranging from Ukraine to Russian companies and business leaders to energy supplies and attacks on dissidents.

Unlike his immediate predecessors, Biden has not anticipated a “reset” in relations with Russia, but instead has indicated that he is not necessarily a pre-Cold War enemy without resolving them or improving relations. Wants to manage differences with. And, with heavy domestic agendas and emerging decisions on Iran and China, a direct confrontation with Russia is not something it wants.

When Biden talks with Putin for the first time, he hopes to call Putin out for the arrest of opposition figure Alexei Navalny and weekend action on his supporters, alleging that Russian security services have recently committed major cyber security violations Was behind, and suppress the charges that Russia offered to counter the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

At the same time, Biden should consider extending the last remaining US-Russia arms control treaty for five years to his own resolution that is set to expire in early February.

On Monday, Biden told reporters that he had not yet decided how to react to the naval situation, but hoped that the US and Russia could cooperate in areas where both benefit.

“I think we can both act in mutual interest of our countries as a new agreement and make it clear to Russia that we are very concerned about their behavior, whether it is the Navy, whether it is SolarWind Be it or report the rewards on the head to Americans in Afghanistan, ”Biden said.

According to the White House, Biden has already ordered the intelligence community to begin reviewing each of the issues it said on Friday that the US proposal to expand New Start would be reconsidered on other matters .

The approach has met with approval from some former US diplomats who have tied up with Russia and are looking forward to how Biden’s team, which includes National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and his nominees, number 3 at the State Department, Victoria Newland is Delinetti. Similar to Russia policy.

Newland, in particular, has been modified by Putin and his allies to support pro-Western politicians in Ukraine and held Europe’s portfolio at the State Department in President Barack Obama’s second term. He and Sullivan are said to have shared opinions about dealing with Moscow, taking a stricter stance on human rights and Russia’s intentions and keeping an open channel for the Kremlin on other matters in Eastern and Central Europe Russia’s intention.

But his initial position is complex, he says, particularly given Putin’s experience in dealing with Trump, who often underlines his own administration’s stern stance on Russia in private by trying to cohabit the leader of Russia We do.

“It’s tough, but it’s remarkable,” Daniel Fried, an American ambassador to Poland and assistant secretary of state for European affairs in the George W. Bush administration. “They are going to detect it on the fly, but it is important to pursue New Start without hesitation and to return to Navalny’s arrest and other issues without offense.”

Fried said that as long as he is with the Atlantic Council, he said he does not need to tell Putin that he will accept New Start until he leaves Navalny, SolarWind or Afghanistan. will not do. “You have to be pushed back and you can’t let Putin set the conditions.”

However, Putin could be wary that given his precarious domestic situation following pro-Naxal protests in more than 100 cities over the weekend.

Biden’s team has already reacted strongly to action on Navalnyi supporters over the weekend in which more than 3,700 people were arrested in demonstrations across Russia, including more than 1,400 in Moscow.

Navalny, an anti-corruption campaigner and fierce critic of Putin, was arrested on 17 January as he returned to Russia from Germany, where he spent nearly five months recovering from the venom of the nerve-agent that he accuses the Kremlin. Russian officials denied the allegations.

White House press secretary Jane Saki and State Department spokesman Ned Price have urged the immediate and unconditional release of Navalny, along with those detained.


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