Bharara: & # 39; Substantial probability & # 39; Flynn’s lawyers are in talks to cooperate in Mueller’s investigation

"My opinion is based on how things used to work in my office and based on how the world works, (that) is that there is a high probability that at least they are in talks regarding cooperation," he said. Bharara in the "State of the Union" of CNN.

Asked if the President should be concerned about the possibility of Flynn cooperating with Mueller's team, Bharara said: "It depends on what the President has done and the President's talks with Michael Flynn and others. They've been, but if you've done bad things, then you should be very worried. "

On Thursday, Bharara, who was fired by Trump in March and is now a CNN legal badyst, tweeted about a New York Times reports that Flynn's lawyers have told the president's legal team that they can no longer share information , which led Bharara to speculate that Flynn could cooperate with Mueller.

The decision of Flynn's lawyers to interrupt the informal exchange of information could also be an indication n Flynn is preparing to plead guilty in Mueller's investigation, a family source with CNN said last week.

Although Flynn's lawyers had already shared information with the Trump team, the change does not necessarily indicate that Flynn is cooperating with Mueller.

Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump's legal team, said last week that the decision not to share more information "is not entirely unexpected" and should not be seen as an indication of cooperation.

"Nobody should draw the conclusion that this means something about the fact that General Flynn cooperates against the President," Sekulow said.

Attorneys may withdraw from information exchange agreements for a variety of reasons, including concerns of potential conflicts of interest that may arise at a later date. The exchange of information can also be abandoned, for example, when a lawyer tries to negotiate with prosecutors, but those negotiations are not always successful.

Flynn's lawyers declined to comment on the decision to stop sharing information.

Interviews conducted by a special attorney, investigators have included questions about the business of Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., as the report of the income from work abroad, two witnesses interviewed by the team told him previously to CNN. The Law on Registration of Foreign Agents requires that persons acting as agents of foreign entities publicly disclose their relationship with foreign countries or companies and financial compensation for such work.

Flynn was subject to questions and scrutiny during his brief stint as the White House national security adviser over phone calls with the former Russian ambbadador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak.

CNN previously reported that Flynn initially told investigators that he did not discuss the sanctions with Kislyak, but then changed his response to say he did not remember. Mueller could use this to accuse Flynn of making false statements, the same accusation that former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty last month.

Former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates already face charges related to their undisclosed foreign identity lobbying for Ukraine. They were indicted by Mueller's grand jury last month. Both pleaded innocent.

Bharara prepared the press reports on Flynn in his interview on Sunday, saying that if the reports are true "and that he has considerable legal responsibility, criminal responsibility, then the way to get rid of the danger: and in his case , not only he but also potentially his son, who is involved in some of this, the only way to do it is by cooperating with the prosecution "

  Flynn worries about his son in a special investigation

When prosecutors in the leadership chain were asked about their investigation, Bharara said they could reach the president. about what evidence they discover about Flynn's dealings and interactions.

"They could include other Cabinet officials," he said. "They may include members of the president's family who also serve in some capacity for the president, and may include the president himself, and I'll warn everyone that this is speculation, but it's based on how the process worked. past. "

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