Bezos emphasizes global retail market on ‘large scale’, commenting openly in front of Congress

Founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff bezosJeffrey (Jeff) Preston Bezosilicon Valley: Google is expanding remote work policy through July 2021 Intel community’s final report to Senate committee after detailing Russia | Studies show that election officials are vulnerable to cyber attacks. The hearing of the house with high-tech technical officials was deferred on Wednesday. Hillican Valley: Senior intelligence official warns Russia, Iran and China of elections. Trump says he regrets his tweet ‘often’. Tech CEO hearing adjourned for John Lewis services more In its opening remarks before the Congress on Wednesday, it pointed to the decades-old global retail market and the hundreds of e-commerce giant jobs called “strikely large”.

Bezos is set to testify before lawmakers in Washington for the first time, as part of a House Judicial Subcommittee that is listening to that void on the power and size of Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple. Hearings due to the coronovirus outbreak, which will be held virtually, come to the committee with the conclusion of a year-long investigation into the operations of the companies and whether they have performed in a full-blown manner.

In early comments published Tuesday night on Amazon’s website, Bezos prepares to focus on the company’s growth from an online bookstore to a behemoth in both e-commerce and cloud services, with a focus on his personal background. is.

“I believe Amazon should investigate,” Bezos said. “We should investigate all the big institutions, be they companies, government agencies or non-profits. Our responsibility is to ensure that we do this kind of investigation with flying colors.”

But Bezos will also emphasize Amazon’s position in the $ 25 trillion global retail market, which he describes as “exceptionally competitive”. In his opening statement, he points to data that showed that 80 retailers in the US generate more than $ 1 billion in revenue each year, and note that Walmart is “twice the size of Amazon.”

He would also argue that Amazon’s scale has played its role as the largest jobs creator in the US over the past decade. In addition, Bezos plans to address Amazon’s success as a marketplace for third-party sellers, estimating that “third-party businesses selling in Amazon’s stores have sold more than 2.2 million worldwide Has created new jobs. “

Bezos is likely to face a series of questions about Amazon’s dual role as an online marketplace and seller of goods, as well as allegations that it used sales data from third-party vendors to create competitive products Have done A Wall Street Journal report earlier this year inspired the rape about the alleged practice. David sicillinDavid Nicola Sicilene Hilcon Valley: Google extends remote work policy through July 2021 Intel reports final report to Senate committee after detailing Russia | Studies show that election officials are vulnerable to cyber attacks. With high-profile technical officials reconsidered for a House hearing on Wednesday, Democrats hope the major block will resonate: more women (DR.I.), the panel chair, to suggest that an Amazon official may have lied to Congress when he testified in 2019.

“Best of all, Amazon’s witness pointed out that key aspects of Amazon’s business practices have been misrepresented, omitting important details in response to the question,” Cicillin said. “Worst of all, the witness Amazon may have sent to speak on its behalf may have lied to Congress.”

Amazon has stated that it prohibits employees from using non-republican, vendor-specific data when determining whether to launch new products.

The Amazon investigation has grown rapidly in recent years as the company continues to grow in size. The company was estimated to account for about 44 percent of the US e-commerce market in February.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are all subjects of investigation by Congress and the Department of Justice. Wednesday’s hearing will represent the first time a contingent of CEOs of large tech companies will appear for a congressional hearing at the same time.


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