Beyonce has released a new trailer for Black King Disney +

Black is king Coming and Queen Bey won’t let you forget it. On Wednesday July 29, Beyoncé dropped the latest trailer for her upcoming visual album Black is king, Is making a debut on Disney + on Friday, July 31, and serves colors, textiles and the usual quindome. Set for a paired version of her latest single “Black Parade”, the trailer is truly devoid of Beyoncé, instead featuring clips of a host of undressed and incredibly attractive black people. In one particularly striking scene, black people appear to be wearing orange suits, such as the suit Jay-Z is wearing as an “apesh * t” to the ensemble, while black women in a pink dress inspired by a yellow dress Are: As she was smashing the windows of that car in the video for “Hold Up”, Bei was standing in the center of the pool around her, like a weapon. Avita. Can you say tribute Other striking images include Bi in a khaki, a leopard-printed dress with arms open, and a man in a white suit smiling with a dragon around his neck. While there were no lions to see this lion The Lion King, There is a lovely shot of a smiling Blue Ivy, who (we hope) will be heavily featured in this iconic film. We would rather see a Blue Smile than a CGI lion any day.

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