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Beyonce embraces Meghan Markle at the premiere of & # 39; Lion King & # 39; in London


Yes Beyoncé before it was not royalty, it certainly is now, it embraced Meghan Markle when, technically, commoners should not touch … unless a Royal does it first.

Bey and Jay Z We were in London on Sunday for the UK premiere of the live action & # 39; Lion King & # 39 ;, and as they posed for photos on the red carpet … nothing less than the Duke and Duchess of Susbad arrived hand in hand and then stopped. Stop for a stop and chat with Bey and Jay.

Someone filmed Meg and Queen Bey to receive a hug, which was polite and brief, and talk about it later. Meghan also entered to hug Jay, who was at his side.

Waiting for your permission to upload the Instagram media.

No sign of Prince Harry in the video here, but we know he was there. It is not clear if any of the children of the power couples were present … Archie receives a pbad, but it would be a tragedy if Blue ivy I was not in attendance Ella a little steal the focus At any time she is with her parents.


Anyway, the reason why the embrace between Meg and the Carters is so important is because, by high society, the unspoken rules of the nobility, anyone who is not an official Royal (sorry, Beyhive) is NOT supposed to make contact with Un Royal without being compromised first.

Lebron James They took the task for doing exactly that in 2014, when he innocently put his arm around Kate Middleton in a photo-op … a big false step.

Although it does not seem that Bey and Jay broke the protocol … Meg is clearly the initiator here. Hell, they might even be closer than we think, according to how comfortable they all look.

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