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Beyoncé drops Coachella's "Homecoming" album after the Netflix documentary


As you've probably heard (and I hope you've seen) a thousand times, Beyoncé on Wednesday left out "Homecoming," a Netflix documentary about her impressive performance at Coachella 2018.

But did it stop there? No She also surprised, released a live album of the entire performance.

And it is not only in Tidal, it is in ALL. TRANSMISSION. PLATFORMS. (Yes, that includes Spotify.)

The album combines music from the two Coachella shows, including all the interludes and performances by Destiny & # 39; s Child, J Balvin and Jay Z.

In addition to Beyoncé's live performance of the Black National Anthem "Lift Every Voice And Sing", it also includes a special theme for guests, an unpublished live version of Blue Ivy that sings the same song.

After a round of applause and praise from his mother, Blue says with enthusiasm: "I want to do it again, because it feels good!"

Beyoncé closes the album with a new studio track, a version of the 1981 song "Before I Let Go" by Maze.

As noted by Variety, Destiny & # 39; s Child previously recorded an unpublished version of the same song.

The Hive does not believe to have been blessed with a new album at the same time as the doc.

Like, what else could she have in the store?

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