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Beyoncé and Meghan Markle met at the US premiere of "The Lion King"

The premiere in the United Kingdom of Disney The Lion King There appeared not one, but two royal women, colloquially speaking, anyway.

Meghan, Duchess of Susbad, met with Beyoncé, Queen Bey as her followers have ordered her, and people are going crazy over the encounter.

Beyoncé, who plays Nala in the new version of Disney, has been attending several premieres of The Lion King As the movie has been released in different markets around the world.

The Duchess of Susbad, meanwhile, is technically still on maternity leave after giving birth to Archie, her son with Prince Harry, in May, but she reportedly decided to attend The Lion King premiere on Sunday.

On social media, fans were naturally enthusiastic about the meeting between the two women, especially the embrace that Meghan gave to Queen Bey.

The encounter between the two tremendously famous women occurs after Beyoncé repeatedly greeted Meghan on social media over the past few months. In February, the singer posted a video with the Duchess in the background during her acceptance of the BRIT Award for Best International Group with her husband Jay Z.

Beyoncé even shouted at Meghan on her official website during Black History Month, congratulating the Duchess born in the United States for her pregnancy.

"Meghan brought many black traditions to her royal wedding, including a black pastor based in Chicago, an incredible gospel choir and a young black cellist," says Beyoncé's website. "At the wedding, her culture was paramount, and she and Prince Harry continued to foster dialogue about race relations both near and far."

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