Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrate their birthday with a picture of Op. Sys. In an elevator Three years after an infamous gala meeting

Beyoncé and Jay-Z appear to be professionals when it comes to turning a scandal into, well, birthday lemonade.

The star-studded couple was spotted in New York City on Monday night in honor of the Grammy-winning rapper's 48th birthday. The elegant couple came out in elegant ensembles, the singer wearing a plaid dress with floral applications and a blue fur stole while her husband rocked a brown suit and gold necklaces.

The two musical stars went to the city center towards the cinema where, according to a source, they saw the criminal drama of Woody Allen Wonder Wheel .

  Jay-Z, Beyonce


According to the insider, the lovebirds were "optimistic" and "friendly" when they came out after the movie. The two were clearly in a good mood, as they managed to make fun of themselves thanks to a well-timed elevator ride.

The photographers found the two stars when the doors of an elevator opened to go out into the street. However, according to the TMZ video, Jay-Z asked his bodyguard to leave the elevator when the two quickly posed for the cameras, a clear reference to Jay-Z's infamous elevator fight with Solange Knowles after the 2014 Met Gala.

  Jay-Z, Beyonce

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"Hurry, come on, understand," the rapper instructed the photographers, urging them to get the shot before the two finally got out and He headed to his car.

While the trio never explained the specific reason for the elevator skirmish, which subsequently leaked and went viral at the time, a representative of the family issued a statement saying they had "solved" their problems. "Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what has happened" and "acknowledge their role in this private matter that has been developed in public," the statement said. The three publicly promised to move forward as a "united family."

Years later, Jay-Z tackled the scandal in his 2017 song, "Kill Jay-Z," rapping, "You have incited Solange in / Knowin & # 39; from the beginning., Everything you had to Say you were wrong / You almost left Eric Benét. "

" Let the worst girl in the world escape / I do not even know what else to say / N- – a, never leave Eric Benét. "

In a true full circle moment, the "worst girl in the world" was back at her side, in an elevator once more.

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