Betty White, Ryan Reynolds had a hilarious ‘eals fights’ on the set of posal The Proposal

Fans can add Betty White to the list of actors with whom Ryan Reynolds has “quarreled”.

“Deadpool” is known for comic back-and-forths with the likes of actor Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman, who took to Instagram on Sunday to wish White his 99th birthday.

The two appeared together in the 2009 film “The Proposal”, where White played Reynold’s goofy grandmother.

To celebrate her big day, the 44-year-old Reynolds shared a video on her Instagram story, also shared by a “Golden Girls” fan account.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, Reynolds captioned the video, “We made it 12 years ago.” “Daughter turns 99 today, but she’s 100 [percent] Funniest person on the planet. “

Betty White (left) and Ryan Reynolds (right) had a fickle fake fight on the set of ‘The Proposal’.
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The clip was closed by Reynolds on set with his co-star Sandra Bullock during the promotion of the film. As Reynolds tells fans that he plans to give them “a very special behind-the-scenes” in the film, “White bursts into the room, shouting hello to passers-by.”

“I’m really excited about this interview,” she said.

After stopping the promo, Bullock teases Reynolds about what his “problem with Betty” is.

“I don’t have a problem with her, she hates me and I really don’t understand,” the actor joked.

Bullock gets in a tizzy and storms up, and White, who insists on his co-star, calls him “America’s Cutie”.

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White then turns to Reynolds, who stays in his chair. He then flings the empty chair next to it to face the opposite direction and calls Star “Brian” before taking a seat.

“Give me a cup of coffee,” White tells Reynolds before demanding that they “have been working together for weeks,” and must know who he is.

White retorts: “Then you’ve been a terrific assistant the whole time … When Betty White says she wants a cup of coffee, you give her a f-king cup of coffee. Now-crunching Jack-.”

In the caption of her video, Reynolds (left) called her 'The Proposal' co-star Betty White (right) 'the funniest person on the planet'.  Photo by: Paul Drinkwater / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

In the caption of her video, Reynolds (left) called her ‘The Proposal’ co-star Betty White (right) ‘the funniest person on the planet’. Photo by: Paul Drinkwater / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank

“I’m going to tell you what it’s really like, okay? You look like an adorable, sweet old lady on the outside, but inside … you’re like such an early demon,” Reynolds Jokes. “Why don’t you suck a hot c – k.”

White then walks to Bullock for comfort and the two embrace while the “Golden Girls” star secretly leaves Reynolds.

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The quarrel was in everyone’s jest, however, as Reynolds first described Hemsworth as “no-good – a – hat who looks like a bodybuilder – looks like a platypus” and told Jackman that “everyone hates Is “Raise money for charitable works amid an impure quarrel.

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White’s representative recently spoke to Fox News about the Emmy winner’s 99th birthday, revealing that he planned to “safely spend it doing various activities at home.”

His birthday wishes were simple as well: “He was healthy for at least another year.”

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