Betters bet $ 8.60 if Clemson Tigers beat Syracuse Orange

No. 1 Clemson is expected to receive the struggling Syracuse on Saturday, according to betting odds.

The Tigers are favored by 46 points over Orange, who suffered a 38–21 loss at home to Liberty last week, leading them to a 1–4 defeat. On the other hand, Clemson is 5–0 ahead and coming to Georgia Tech 73–7. The Tigers are trailing their opponents by an average of 36.6 points per game.

The outright beating of Syracuse attacking Clemson is so ridiculous that most sportsbooks are not offering value for money on sports. FanDuel, however, is, and the Tigers are listed to win outright at -100,000, while Syracuse is upset by +4,000 (40-1).

This is right. If you want to wager on Clemson to defeat Syracuse, you’ll need to put up $ 1,000 to win $ 1 at FanDuel, seemingly only to offer a money-line price on a lost matchup to the US Sportsbook One of.

And someone did.

According to FanDuel, a bookie placed a money-line bet of $ 8,600 in Clemson at -100,000 odds. If the Tigers prevail, the bettor will add $ 8.60 to his bankroll.

The largest bet on Syracuse was $ 50 at $ 40-1. By Friday afternoon, Orange had had three times as money-line bets, as Clemson had the Tigers, but the Tigers had attracted 92% of the money, thanks mainly to the $ 8,600 wager.

“Clearly, Clemson’s chances of winning the game are huge, but people want it to be one of the biggest upsets in college football,” FederDuel’s sportsbook director John Sheeran told ESPN.

Clemson — the point spread to 46, is the ACC line’s biggest line since Florida State was a 48-point favorite in 2000 at Wake Forest. The price of the money-line is the largest price posted by the US Sportsbook.

Even the sportsbook at South Point Casino and the hotel in Las Vegas, known in the past for raising money-line prices on big college football favorites, chose to hold on to the Syracuse-Clemson game.

“It’s a huge one,” said South Point Sportsbook director Chris Andrews.

Fanuel operates a retail sportsbook at the Tiaga Downs Casino Resort in Nichols, New York, about an hour and a half drive from Syracuse. Sheeran said that catering for local fans was part of PhenDuel’s thinking, when he decided to offer money-line options on the game.

“I bet we’ll have a steady flow of $ 5 bets on Syracuse tomorrow,” Sheeran said.


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