Betsy DeVos Resigns From Trump Cabinet After Washington, DC Capital Riot

US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos submitted her resignation on Thursday, becoming the second member of President Donald Trump’s cabinet to quit the riot by her supporters in the US Capitol.

In a letter addressed to Trump, he blamed for the mayhem in Washington at the feet of the president, who encouraged crowds before marching up to Capitol Hill on Wednesday afternoon as both houses of Congress attest to Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory Were ready for.

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He wrote, “The impact that your rhetoric has had on the situation is not wrong and it is an inflection point for me.” “Influential children are watching all this, and they are learning from us.

Davos, 62, is among several Trump administration officials who resigned following the resignation of Transportation Secretary Ellen Chao.

DeVos was one of Trump’s most staunch supporters and, along with Chao, one of the longest-serving members of his administration. But he has recently distanced himself from the president, acknowledging that Biden won the election on November 3, even as Trump falsely alleged that the vote was rigged.

In its letter, which was released by the Department of Education, it called the administration “many achievements” for reopening schools amid a coronovirus epidemic, with many teachers and public health officials protesting.

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“Mr. Chairman, I know with certainty that history will show that we were right in re-opening this year and supporting schools and urging all students of America to learn more.

But he said that “we should highlight and celebrate your administration’s many achievements on behalf of the American people.” Instead, we are left to clean up the mess caused by violent protesters overrunning the US Capitol in an attempt to undermine people’s business. “

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DeVos was appointed to a cabinet post despite his lack of experience in education policy. He was in favor of school choice, voucher programs and the dissolution of charter schools, teachers unions and liberal education activists. It also loosened the Obama administration’s restrictions on for-profit colleges. And in 2019, he was hit with a $ 100,000 fine for violating a judge’s order to stop debt recovery efforts against bankrupt Corinth Colleges Inc. alumni.

She grew up in Michigan, where she promoted educational causes, including school elections. She is married to ex Amway Corp is headed by Dick DeVos and the sister of private military contractor Blackwater USA founder and Trump aide Eric Prince. His father Edgar Prince was an engineer and industrialist.

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