Betsy DeVos, Elaine Chao, Mick Mulvaney and others left administration after the siege on Capitol Hill

A list of Trump administration officials who are leaving in the wake of violent protests on Capitol Hill, and includes Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Transportation Secretary Ellen Chao, and the first female chief, as well as a top official who tackles China . .

DeVos submitted his resignation Thursday night, blaming Trump for stressing him. In his resignation letter, he said, “The effect your rhetoric has had on the situation is not wrong.”

Chao, who is married to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said in a tweet earlier in the day that she would resign on Monday. She said the events “bother me in such a way that I just can’t separate.”

On Thursday morning, former President Donald Trump’s chief, Mick Mulvaney, said he stepped down as special envoy to the US in Northern Ireland.

“I can not do that. I can’t live, ”Mulvaney, a former director of the White House Budget Office, told CNBC.

After Mulvaney’s resignation, Stephanie Grisham, first lady Melania Trump’s chief and press secretary and China’s deputy security adviser Matt Pottinger, was a China expert. The Associated Press reported that White House Social Secretary Ricky Niketa and Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews also resigned.

“We did not sign up for what you saw last night,” Mulvaney said. “We signed on to make America great again, we signed for lower taxes and less regulation,” he said.

Trump supporters disbanded the Capitol Building on Wednesday, temporarily halting the counting of Electoral College votes. Congress later certified Joe Biden’s victory in the November election.

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The attack on the Capitol was asserted again Wednesday afternoon by Trump without proof that he lost due to widespread election fraud.

“We will never celebrate,” he said at a rally of his supporters near the White House. “It does not happen. You do not refuse if stolen. ”

After Biden’s victory was certified, Trump pledged to an orderly transition.

But by Thursday morning, at least one other officer had resigned, with more to come.

Chao was the first cabinet secretary to step down.

The New York Times reported that others are considering resigning in response to the siege at the Capitol. But national security adviser Robert O’Brien, who was asked to consider leaving, plans to stay, the Times reported, ending in part from concerns about leaving anyone in government.

As Trump resigns with nearly two weeks left in office, some have been criticized for being too late.

Officials responsible for the administration’s loss in the days before President Trump’s term ends are not to be commended for putting their two-week notice in hand – nor able to seek refuge in corporate boardrooms and universities after Inauguration Day Should be Herrig, the president of the Government Watchdog Group,

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Meanwhile, after a better-than-expected report on the service sector and Trump’s promise of an orderly transition to the government, Biden’s victory was validated on Thursday.


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