Betsy DeVos did Biden with staff, report says, under ‘The Resistance’

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on Tuesday issued a dramatic plea for staff at a departmental meeting to have “resistance” following the president’s transition, reports POLITICO. Citing recordings of the virtual meeting, Politico reported that Davos first admitted that many employees in attendance would stick around after the transition before launching into her Trumpian tangent. “I leave you with this plea: resist,” he had said. “Be a resistance against forces that are right for students. Whatever you do, students always do it first. “DeVos also allegedly insisted that he had always strived to” be right for the students “and re-issued Title IX regulations on sexual harassment as one of his greatest achievements His policy of the Obama era, which outlined how schools should deal with allegations of sexual harassment, was criticized for giving more rights to those accused of sexual assault that critics say Things are much harder for survivors than this. President-elect Joe Biden has said he intends to put a “quick end” to the Title IX overhaul of Davos.

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