Best Smart Home Deal: Amazon Prime Day 2020

There is no better way to upgrade your home than the smart home features – be it speakers, lights, cameras or thermostats. And there is no better time to buy during Prime Day. Here, we rounded up the best deals on smart home products during Amazon’s biggest sales day of the year.

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Echo Dot, Mandalorian with the child stand

Mandalorian The Child Stand ($ 38.94, originally Echo Dot with $ 74.94); Amazon.Com)

Not only do you get Echo Dot, but you also get adorable green ears, which belong only to The Child. The base has the same color and design as Baby Yoda’s clothes, and the green half circle will hold the smart speaker in place.

Echo Show 8 ($ 64.99. Originally $ 129.99; Amazon.Com)

The Echo Show 8 is one of our favorite smart displays, and it is now one of the lowest prices we’ve seen.

Eco flex

Echo Flex ($ 9.99, originally $ 24.99; Amazon.Com)

The Alexa-enabled device comes with a microphone array, small LED strip, speakers and USB-A port.

3-Gen Echo Dot

3-General Echo Dot ($ 18.99, originally $ 49.99; Amazon.Com)

Amazon’s most popular smart speaker, this affordable option unlocks the power of Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, which allows you to control other devices, rock out on groceries, music, listen to news and more is.

Echo Show 5 ($ 44.99, originally $ 89.99; Amazon.Com)

At just 5.5 inches, the Show 5’s screen is more compact than the Echo Show 8, but it has many similar features, including an HD screen, for $ 20 less.

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Blink Mini ($ 24.99, originally $ 34.99; Amazon.Com)

This no-frills HD camera can be mounted on any surface with an included stand or mounted on the wall. It supports live view and can also monitor to record motion.

Ring Indoor Cam ($ 44.99, originally $ 59.99; Amazon.Com)

It takes up a bit more space than indoor cam blinks, but offers slightly better video quality – both recorded and live streaming.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro ($ 169.99, originally $ 249.99; Amazon.Com)

Ring Pro is a top-line solution to make a wired doorbell smart, allowing you to answer your door from anywhere at any time. With a wide-angle 1080p HD camera in the front, the ring provides a crystal-clear view of your front door and even the road directly to your iOS or Android device.

Ring Alarm 14-Piece Kit ($ 199.99, originally $ 329.99; Amazon.Com)

Perfect for a multiroom house, the kit includes a base station, two keypads, eight contact sensors, two motion detectors and another extender.

Ring Video Doorbell ($ 69.99, originally $ 99.99; Amazon.Com)

The most affordable ring option, the doorbell includes crystal-clear video, night vision, the ability to designate privacy zones, and two-way talk. That way you can be cautious if someone is at the door and hop on the ring app to talk with them.

Honeywell Home Programmable Thermostat ($ 69, originally $ 79; Amazon.Com)

Compatible with voice assistant devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and more, this smart thermostat lets you program temperatures throughout the day.

Ecobee3 2nd-Generation Lite Smart Thermostat ($ 149). Originally $ 169; Amazon.Com)

The Ecobee3 pairs work with up to 32 sensors and work with Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings and Wink so you can control your HVAC system from anywhere.

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MyQ Smart Garage Door Opener ($ 16.98, originally $ 39.98; Amazon.Com)

The MyQ Smart Garage Hub by Chamberlain is a retrofit device for existing garage doors that adds to smart controls via a companion app. Also, you can link MyQ to Alexa for voice commands.

Moen 1-Inch Smart Water Shutoff by Moen 900-006 Flo ($ 331.67, originally $ 473.81; Amazon.Com)

This device allows you to turn your water on / off from an app in case of leaks. It also includes Microleak technology that monitors the safety of your home’s entire water system (behind walls and in foundations) to identify leaks as small as one drop per minute.

iRobot Roomba i7 + ($ 799, originally $ 999; Amazon.Com)

The i7 + Alexa fully supports voice commands, which means you can tell Alexa to start vacuuming while hanging on the couch. It will also empty itself in its base.

iRobot Roomba 692 ($ 199.99, originally $ 319.99; Amazon.Com)

The Roomba 692 learns your cleaning habits to offer a personalized schedule, while Google Assistant and Alexa allow you to start cleaning with just the sound of your voice.

Waymo Mini Smart Plug ($ 17.98, originally $ 34.99; Amazon.Com)

This smart plug easily integrates with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant so you can control your lights and devices from anywhere.

C by GE Smart LED Bulb + Smart Plug Bundle ($ 38.39, originally $ 63.98; Amazon.Com)

These color-changing bulbs offer a wide range of warm and cool lighting options and, with a smart outlet, you can control them via an app or voice command when paired with a voice assistant.

Casa Smart Plug by TP-Link ($ 17.99, originally $ 29.99; Amazon.Com)

Casa Smart Plug allows you to basically control devices from anywhere. You can turn on or off devices with your smartphone and schedule using the Casa Smart App.

Levitan Decora Smart Dimmer ($ 26.10, originally $ 49.99; Amazon.Com)

Replace your existing lighting switches with this smart dimmer to easily control your lighting.

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