Best Labor Day 2020 Deals: You Can Still Get a Segway Scooter, Lenovo Laptop and More

Like many Holidays, Labor Day – which honors the achievements and contributions of American workers – has developed into a major sales event. And despite the awkwardness of living through a global Universal epidemic, This year is no exception. While a lot of Labor Day deals are happening fast, many of them are still in full swing.

Some Labor Day sales closed late last week, but they continue well into Monday and beyond. Below, we’ve rounded up the best Labor Day deals and special offers, but keep checking in as long as we continue to add more selling items and other deals expire.

And while you’re hunting for Labor Day deals, here are some others you should check out:

Labor Day 2020 Deals Available Now

Sara Tew / CNET

It’s not the best sling deal we’ve seen, but it’s still good if you want a good month streaming goodness. Another option: Get two months of sling prep and a free AirTV mini streaming device – $ 80 worth.


This is the lowest price on record for Segway’s foldable scooter, which can reach speeds of up to 15 mph and travel up to 15 miles on one charge. It weighs just under 28 pounds and includes mechanical and electric braking systems.

Sara Tew / CNET

When: now

Lenovo has launched its Labor Day Doorbuster sale, and has savings on dozens of laptops. See the deal on the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, usually priced at $ 2,149, but selling now for $ 900 when using coupon code THINKDEAL At checkout.

The X1 Carbon is a best-in-class ultraportable that combines premium design appeal with business-grade privacy and security features. Read CNET’s ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen7 review.

There are plenty of deals – see all Lenovo laptops on sale on the Labor Day sales page of the site. Here are some others to watch out for:


When: Now (from 7 September)

The LG OLED CX TV has the best picture quality we’ve ever tested on CNET, and this 77-inch version of the TV is on sale for $ 3,800 dollars at Best Buy. This is its best price ever and makes it competitive on price with much less expensive sets.


When: now

Doorbell 3 is the latest version of the ring and has only been available since early summer. Under the hood it has dual 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi for better streaming video. Amazon is selling it for $ 50, but also throws the Amazon Echo Show 5 for free at $ 90.


When: now

The fix is ​​a sensor that plugs into your car’s onboard diagnostic port (OBD2, for short). The sensor sends detailed information to an app on your phone to let you know about the health and well-being of your car. Regularly $ 60, you can get it now (while supplies last) for only $ 20.

Fixed says the sensor works with both internal combustion and hybrid cars, and is capable of diagnosing about 7,000 error codes, which try to translate it into plain English, so you don’t know if the component fails. Happening, but how serious is the problem and what are the implications of the issue.


When: Now (though 7 September)

Polk reduced the price of its S2 ultrasound soundbar for Labor Day, now $ 50 below its list price. It has become cheaper – the S2 was as low as $ 160 in the spring, but it is still a good deal. It connects to your TV with HDMI ARC so that you can control everything with a remote control. It includes five full-range drivers and a wireless subwoofer, supports Bluetooth and specifically targets center-channel audio to ensure that dialogue is clear and understandable.


When: Now (from 7 September)

Wireless chargers are a dozen (not literally) at a time, but Courant makes chargers that elevate your desktop (again, not literally). Wrapped in a pebble-grain Italian leather and available in an assortment of colors, these are snazzy. Right now, everything is 25% off sitwide, is automatically applied at checkout with discounts, and monogramming is included for free.

Browse the entire collection, or sample what Cortante has to do with these selections:


When: Now (from 7 September)

Tribe QuatPlus 72 headphones are typically priced at $ 70, but they are on sale for $ 35 during Labor Day when you apply the coupon on the product page and add a promo code LBDQPLUS At checkout. These compact over-the-ear headphones charge via USB-C and provide a runtime of approximately 30 hours between charges. More importantly, these are noise-canceling headphones that Tribit says can block up to 32dB of ambient sound.


When: now

Ring is bargaining Labor Day on four of its second-generation alarm kits. They are all 20% off for Labor Day, so you can save anywhere from $ 40 to $ 70, depending on who you choose. Here are select items on sale:


When: Right now (through September 8)

When you apply the promo code, the Eargo Neo HiFi invisible listening device is available for $ 2,700 LABORDAY20 At checkout. It is $ 250 off the list price.

It is $ 2,700 for a pair of hearing aids and all accessories. If you are thinking in earbud terms that may sound like a lot of money, but hearing aid wearers are used to significantly higher prices. In fact, it is not uncommon for each individual earbud to pay about this instead of the complete set. But despite the more affordable price, the Neo HiFi Aids are actually designed to provide higher sound quality, with features such as wind noise reduction and feedback cancellation. They are completely invisible in-ear buds, and rely on “flexi palm design”, which are slightly treelike spikes that position the buds in your ear.


When: Now (from 7 September)

BlazePods is an in-house, pro-level training system. Using interactive, touch-sensitive pods, you can choose from a vast library of workouts and games to work on balance, coordination, core, flexibility, strength, spatial awareness, speed, endurance and more. With home-schooled children and home-grown adults – and gyms are still closed in most locations – this is a great solution for exercising in place.

During this Labor Day sale, all kits are 20% off sitewide. Exception: Bundles are not included in the sale.


When: Now (from 7 September)

Regularly priced at $ 270, the E4 is one of the most popular models of the RaboRock, particularly among pet owners thanks to its strong 2,000p suction in carpet boost mode. The large battery of vacuum can last about 200 minutes on a single charge (over 2,000 sq ft) and Roborock cites an oversize dustbin, so you don’t need to empty it often.

When you apply the promo code, the RaboRock E4 sells for $ 509 during the sale ROBOROCKE45 At checkout.


When: Now (from 7 September)

RoboRock’s newest robot is a combination vacuum and mop, and when you apply the promo code, is $ 45 off for the holiday weekend ROBOS6MAXV At checkout.

The S6 MaxV includes a pair of cameras and uses what it calls a “ReactiveAI Obstacle Barrier” to identify and avoid the obstacles it faces on the floor, so it’s toys, shoes and the inevitable puppy crash She rushes around, instead turning through it and a small mess in a major disaster.

It has a maximum suction of 2,500 Pa and uses LIDAR for accurate, optimized navigation and automatic room recognition. It is an app and voice controlable, and the S6 MaxV can be programmed at every level of your home with 10 no-go zones, 10 no-mop zones, and 10 invisible barriers.


When: Now (from 7 September)

Save 20% on any NutriBullet product using promo code LABOR20 At checkout. NutriBullet has long been a favorite of rapid blending and has consistently received high ratings on both Amazon and Best Buy. This Labor Day Weekend sale includes all nutritional mixers, ranging from individual models to full-size mixers, juicers, and more.


When: Right now (through September 8)

Zag is on sale from September 4-8. You can get 25% off any purchase including phone cases, keyboard covers, power bank and more.

Jackbox games

When: Right now (through September 8)

I make no secret of your adorable Jackbox game like You Don’t Know Jack, Quiplash and Drawful. They are hilarious party games that everyone uses their phones as a combination remote control / buzzer while crowding around the TV. For Labor Day, everything on site is marked below with some prices with a discount of 50%.

Here are some of the highlights:


The latest cordless stick vacuum from Roborock is the H6, and it’s $ 50 for Labor Day week. This new vacuum produces a respectable 25,000 Pa suction and can run for a maximum of 90 minutes of Eco-mode (or 10 minutes of full bore running in maximum mode). It features HEPA air filtration and weighs just 3 pounds.

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