Bernie Sanders is privately worrying about Joe Biden’s campaign: report

US Sen. Bernie Sanders has privately expressed concern about the way Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden campaigned in his final week as race chief, according to a report.

Sanders, who dropped out of the race in April and immediately supported Biden in a hard-fought Democratic primary fight last spring, has said he wants Biden to campaign for more pay, job growth and health care such as kitchens. Focus on table issues. Instead of criticizing President Trump, the Washington Post reported citing three sources familiar with his conversation.

Sanders, who led a youth movement around his two White House runs, also hoped that Biden would embrace progressive firebrands such as Rep, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D.N.Y, in an effort to garner support from younger voters . Ocasio-Cortez stumped for Sanders during his run.

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Sources said the independent senator from Vermont believes that Biden’s centrist may suffer another Democratic loss rather than a progressive approach. Nevertheless, some of Biden’s policies have undoubtedly moved to the left as the Democratic Party has become more progressive.

Biden reportedly placed a distance between himself and some progressives such as Ocasio-Cortez amid Trump’s attacks that Biden is controlled by the “radical left” and socialists.

Uncertainties also come as polling in some battlegrounds is tight – though with Biden in the lead mostly – and reports that Biden’s support among Hispanics is lagging behind.

“Senator Sanders is confident that Joe Biden is in a very strong position to win this election, but still feels that the campaign can continue,” Sanders’ former campaign manager Faiz Shakir said in a statement to The Post. “He has been in direct contact with the Biden team and has urged them to emphasize more on how they will raise wages, create millions of well-paid jobs, reduce prescription drug costs and expand health care coverage will do.”

Shakir said Sanders was “working as hard as he can to elect the former Vice President”.

Sanders believes that “there will be real help for a strong outreach campaign for young people, the Latino community and the progressive movement,” he said.

The apparent tension between Sanders and Clinton in 2016 was followed by a half-hearted endorsement of the former Secretary of State – which led some Sanders supporters to vote for third parties, which may have contributed to Clinton’s narrow electoral college loss – Sanders has disproportionately supported Biden and campaigned relentlessly on his behalf.

According to the Post, on Saturday he spoke to voters in Michigan, urging them to vote for Biden. This was his eighth event for the nominee.

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Former Senate colleagues actually feel like each other, The Post reported, something that didn’t always seem obvious with Sanders and Clinton. Earlier this year, Clinton said in an interview “none [in the Senate] He likes it, nobody wants to work with him, he gets nothing, ”referring to Sanders.

Clinton’s surprise 2016 loss has raised major concerns among Democrats that Biden’s leadership in the elections may have evaporated as he was defeated in another Election Knight debacle.