Bengals RB Walton faces charges for the third time

Cincinnati Bengals running back Mark Walton surrendered to police on Thursday and faces four counts, including a felony count for carrying a concealed weapon, after the third incident outside Walton camp this year.

According to court records, he faces minor charges for resisting an officer without violence, possession of marijuana and reckless driving, in addition to the felony charge. All charges are related to an incident that occurred in Miami on March 12.

Mark Walton, who acted as a runner in Miami, played mainly on special teams for the Bengals last season. AP Photo / John Raoux

The Miami Herald reported that police officers tried to stop Walton's car because they said he was speeding up and getting in and out of traffic. Walton stopped the car in front of a house and the officers ordered him to land while getting out of the car. Walton started running and was subjected to a stun gun, but he removed the tips and escaped, according to the report.

According to reports, the officers searched the car and found 14 grams of marijuana and a 9mm carbine rifle legally purchased with fully loaded clips.

This is Walton's third incident in 2019. He was charged with battery on February 16. In that incident, Walton allegedly took a phone from his neighbor during an argument in a parking lot. Your hearing for that position is scheduled for April 8.

He was also charged with minor possession of marijuana on January 16. He has a hearing scheduled for June 5 for that position.

Walton was also arrested in 2016 on drunk driving charges when he was 19 years old. These charges were later dropped, and Walton's lawyer told reporters that Walton was the victim of a scam.

Walton, 22, was selected by the Bengals out of Miami in the fourth round of the 2018 draft. Walton played mostly on special teams and led the ball only 14 times in 2018, running for 34 yards, averaging 2.4 yards per haulage.

A statement from the Bengals said the team is currently gathering information and did not offer further comments at this time.

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