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The Winter Warming this weekend, which begins today at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch, is considered the unofficial start of the baseball season.

The farewell talk had an early start.

The third baseman of the Cubs credit, Kris Bryant, has thrown the first brush back in 2019.

Bryant depressed the North Siders when he rejected the idea that his compatriot and close friend Bryce Harper of Las Vegas signed with the Cubs.

But he gave them something to cheer about when he joined former Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster during a discussion similar to a talk show that has become a stable at the annual Cubs Convention.

Bryant was discussing attending a Florida Georgia Line concert with Harper when the topic was addressed to Nelly, the St. Louis rapper who has expressed his attempts to lure Harper to The Lou.

"He's a big fan of the Cardinals," Bryant said.

Puppies fans in the room booed.

"Yes, boo," Bryant said. "He (Nelly) was trying to do magic in Bryce, who would want to play in St. Louis, bored, so bored, they always ask me: Where would you like to play, where would you not like to play? # 39; San Luis is on the list of places I do not like to play in. It's difficult. "

Dempster, like an anxious Jimmy Fallon disheveled Donald Trump's hair, stacked.

"I remember when they were changing me and they said: 'Hey, what about San Luis?'" Dempster said. "I'm like, zero chance in hell, nothing, no way, I will not even go there as a free agent, it's not happening."

(Dempster forgot to mention some of his displeasure for San Luis, probably going back to his performances here, his record under the Arc says 5-7 with a 4.82 ERA that increased to 5.96 at Busch Stadium II).

"It's hard," Bryan concluded.

This could sting the Cardinals fans who hoped their club could compete with Bryant when it reaches free agency in 2022.

Before they are too sore, they must remember that Bryant has shown signs that Chicago could not be his dream destination either. Last year, he reportedly rejected a multi-year extension worth $ 200 million.

And it's also fair to question Bryant's taste, in general.

The boy goes to the Florida Georgia Line concerts.

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