Bendy penises may have been how powerful dinosaurs were able to have sex, scientists claim

SCIENTISTS are close to discovering how the dinosaurs had sex after the genitals had regenerated part of the genitals.

And it is possible that a powerful T like demon. Rex owned Bendy Pennies extensively.


Scientists are close to discovering how dinosaurs had sex after reconstructing part of their genitalsSincerely: Alami

The breakthrough came when a museum fossil turned out to be a well-preserved cloaca, a pelvic cavity seen in birds and crocodiles.

Most birds do not need penises and mate with a brief cloacal kiss, just allow the woman enough time to transfer sex fluid.

But male crocodiles have a penis inside the cloaca.

It would be difficult for heavy and often pointed dinosaurs to orgasm without one – and so they may have an extra-long and flexible appendage like a duck.

The discovery comes from the remains of a primitive relative of the legendary Triceraptops


The discovery comes from the remains of a primitive relative of the legendary TriceraptopsSincerely: SWNS: Southwest News Service

Cloaca was rich in melanin on a relative of triceratops housed in a zoo in Frankfurt, Germany.

It gives skin color and allows the display and signaling used by the baboons.

Expert Robert Nichols told the journal Current Biology: “As a paleoartist, it’s a game changer.”

The world’s first complete T-Rex skeleton to go on show after being buried for 67 million years

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