Ben Shapiro claims that opponents of abortion would not have killed the baby Hitler, loses sponsors – ThinkProgress

The right-wing provocateur Ben Shapiro thought that a speech on the March for Life was the right time to address a philosophical question about Hitler.

Hours later, several advertisers announced that they had left Shapiro's podcast after their strange comments were seen millions of times.

Shapiro explained during his speech before the pro-life crowd on Friday why abortion advocates would not have killed the genocidal German leader when he was a baby.

"The truth is that no pro-life person on earth would kill the baby Hitler," Shapiro said. "Because the baby Hitler was not Hitler, Hitler was Hitler, the baby Hitler was a baby."

Ben Shapiro in March for Life: "The truth is that no pro-life person would kill the baby Hitler, the baby Hitler was a baby."

– Jordan (@JordanUhl) January 18, 2019

Quip toothbrush maker – that Shapiro promoted during Friday's speech, he announced that he was finished sponsoring him later that day, because "one of our announcements was read in a place we did not endorse."

The Calm company, which promotes relaxation techniques and meditation products, tweeted on Friday that it also sponsored the Shapiro show.

We do not align with this message. We are pulling our sponsorship.

– Calm Calm) January 19, 2019

Shapiro reacted to the criticism of his "baby Hitler" comments by claiming that the video, which received millions of visits on Friday, was taken out of context.

In re: baby Hitler – thanks to @JordanUhl To cut 21 seconds completely out of context. The argument was simple: supporters of the choice sometimes argue that abortion reduces crime rates. It is immoral to kill children for what they might become in the future.

– Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 18, 2019

Hence the reference of the baby Hitler. Now, I regret that some people are very intellectually dishonest or idiotic and pretend not to understand the argument. But I'm glad they were born anyway!

– Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) January 18, 2019

Ryan Saavedra, who works for Daily Wire, a conservative website founded and administered by Shapiro, said the "full context" of his boss's comments revealed that "people are simply lying about it."

Here is the full context of the comments of "Baby Hitler" by Ben Shapiro.

People are simply lying about that.

– Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) January 18, 2019

However, the images show that Shapiro somehow leapt to the question of whether abortion reduces crime rates to the merits of murdering Hitler, so it is not entirely clear how the "full context" is supposed to provide a claim

Shapiro is the last conservative conversationalist facing an erosion of corporate support. Tucker Carlson, of Fox News, lost dozens of advertisers after stating that immigrants make the United States "dirtier" last month.

Laura Ingraham, of Fox News, also lost dozens of sponsors after she made fun of a 17-year-old survivor of a shooting at a school last year. Bill O & Renee, of Fox News, lost almost all of its advertisers before the conservative network fired him in 2017 after the revelations of multiple badual harbadment claims and agreements.

Shapiro – "the brilliant child's philosopher," according to the New York Times, faced criticism in November for stating that "leftist anti-Semitism" is a more dangerous threat than the violent white supremacists.

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