Ben Roethlisberger meets with Art Rooney II, the meeting “went well”

Pittsburgh Steelers fans wondered when management and Ben Roethlisberger would finally sit down to discuss the future plans of the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

It was reported that this meeting was supposed to happen at the beginning of the month, but everything that came out of the Steelers’ camp has been uneventful. So quiet that you could hear crickets on any news or source information.

All that changed on Tuesday when Ben Roethlisberger met with team president Art Rooney II. This according to Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Dulac not only adds how the two parties met, but also how the meeting supposedly “went well.” Of course, this leaves the meeting open for interpretation.

How was the meeting? Did Roethlisberger say he will sign an extension to give the team the necessary cap space? Did Rooney give Roethlisberger an ultimatum about his future with the team?

Nobody knows, but we do know that the two finally met and started the negotiation / discussion about Roethlisberger’s future with the team.

If you’re wondering if Roethlisberger also met with Mike Tomlin, it’s highly unlikely considering Tomlin tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently doing virtually everything. This does not mean that Tomlin did not meet with Roethlisberger virtually, but he was not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

This was the first step for the Steelers and Roethlisberger to hopefully reach a halfway point before the start of the new league year. That common ground could end up being the retirement of Roethlisberger, or a new contract to lower his cap for next season.

Either way, fans are one step closer to getting some answers to this situation. In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye on BTSC for the latest news and notes on black and gold as they prepare for the league’s new year, the NFL Free Agency, and the 2021 NFL Draft.

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